A note from our Artistic Director


Here at Copious Love Productions we are gearing up to start casting our second all original show, can you believe it?! Being as excited as we are about this venture, we thought we might give you a taste of what is to come.

I am proud to announce that once again we will be returning to the incredible, amazing and truly badass Ballard Underground Theatre! Ghostlight Theatricals (the company who owns BU) has been such a source of information and advice. So a huge shout out and THANK YOU to Rob and company, we couldn’t have done it without you, your team and also; your bar! So onto the show!

Sweet&Decent/Dark&Twisty is a play that includes everything that I find myself wanting to see more of when I go to see theatre; sex, broken boundaries, comedy, audience participation, burlesque, love, shame, pride and humanity. Real honest situations that come at a really inopportune times. It’s funny, it’s relevant and hopefully you will take something away from the experience.

We are literally planning a “party”, using loose dialogue, and encouraging improvisation. There will be structure, of course, but it’s up to the actors to fill in the blanks. This will allow the audience to feel like they are just mingling in Beth and Jonah’s apartment, waiting for the entertainment to start, drinking specialty cocktails and enjoying listening in on some gossip the actors will be dishing out before the toasts. I want the audience to feel like they are seeing something completely unique because really, that’s the whole point. Planning an event will only work if you allow for things to go unplanned; which is why this play is so exciting. When I started writing this, I found a note I had written to myself that said, “Eavesdropping is more interesting than dialogue.” How true is that? Who doesn’t want to be at a party and be able to hear all the juicy conversations? This is all the fun without the guilt.

​The whole play came to into fruition over a bottle of wine and a conversation (surprise, surprise) about sex. More specifically, a conversation about kinks and fetishes and my coveted ability to talk very comfortably about said topics; with just about anyone. For some reason people are very comfortable sharing these things with me. I love it, bring it on. In fact most of the dialogue in the show is based on conversations I’ve had with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

That being said I have always had a dream about doing a play about sex, originally it was a play where women talk about their preferences, how they found their sexuality, their backgrounds etc. But not only did Eve Adler get there first (brilliantly I might add, not complaining!), I found that would be rather boring. I really didn’t want to get political or educational, everyone knows the stories already. And I really want to celebrate sex in a positive and honest way, I want people to think not about everyone else but about themselves, what they might have to say if they were put in that situation regardless of their gender, preference, age, race etc.

I thought on this and found that I needed a situation; much like situations I’m sure many of you have been in; you’re with a group of people (most likely at a party), you’re slightly more comfortable due to liquid libations or other social aides, and you just end up talking about sex for an extended period of time. Then you walk away and you realize suddenly you might have shared a little more about yourself than you intended to. I’m here to advocate for that, I think it’s really important. I’m not saying you have to be so comfortable you share yourself with the whole world, but being comfortable with yourself and your own sexuality is priceless.

​One thing I know for sure is that upon exiting the theatre after you see Sweet&Decent/Dark&Twisty; everyone will walk away with a great conversation topic, and my hope is that you’ll do the talking and sharing. Maybe do some new research. Can you think of a better way to spend an evening?!

​With Copious Amounts of Love,
​Chelsea Madsen (Artistic Director)

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