Program Release for the Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll Fundraiser

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Specialty performances and themes fill the night at Copious Love’s 2012 Fundraiser event at the Ballard Underground theatre on March 17th.

Hosted by the one and only Roger Winters (John Paul Sharp) and a special guest co-host, get prepared for some of your favorite moments from Copious Love’s very first season as a theatre company! From our humble beginnings to a musical spectacular, “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll Fundraiser” contains these choice performances:

Catch Ginger Bourbon’s touching monologue and sexy burlesque routine from “Sweet&Decent/Dark&Twisty” performed by Jill Callahan. SD/DT was the product of Lacy, Tony and Chelsea sitting down and saying, “If we could do one thing on stage what would it be?” the answer was easy: Throw a party!

There will be a sneak peek of the upcoming musical “Alice’s Anthem.” Alice sings a hard lesson in imagination and intention after some choice consumables. Don’t miss your chance to hear a number or two from the show performed by Tony Gavilanes and a brief reading of what is to come in the Copious Love season finale musical extravaganza in June, 2012.

Come see Dick Phillips as Steve, the 90s Record Store Manager, from our first play “The Way I See It”. Set in Seattle during the height of grunge music, flannel, and the general disillusionment of 1995, TWISI (as we lovingly refer to it as) represents  everyone who was on the scene who made it what is was and what it still is today.

Remember that this is a SAINT PATRICK’S DAY PARTY, and in the spirit of giving we are hosting a COSTUME CONTEST with a coveted COPIOUS LOVE SEASONS PASS + Alice Ticket as the Grand Prize. Dress as your favorite Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll star… in green. We will announce the winner and present the Season’s Pass at the end of our live auction.

On top of all of this awesome content, we even reduced the admission price to $20 in an attempt to make it easier to collect Copious Love stuff from the event! As a secret hint, our Auction is going to have some amazingly cool and seriously awesome packages from Seattle’s most iconic establishments… The “Sex” package has been sponsored by Babeland, “Drugs” is sponsored by Piece of Mind, and “Rock ‘n Roll” is being sponsored by Easy Street Records!!!! More on this and a complete auction list in next week’s blog post… Your admission comes with a complimentary drink ticket to get your Saint Patty’s off on the right foot along with food catered by Brad Kelleher of Tilth restaurant. We are going to have all kinds of ways for you to contribute to the cause at this event, and we wanted to make sure that we encourage the spirit of giving throughout. Limited tickets are available to this event, so presale is highly recommended.

March 17th, 2012Copious Love Production’s
Saturday – March 17th, 2012 (Saint Patrick’s Day)
The Ballard Underground – 2220 NW Market Street
$20 Admission includes Drink Ticket!

6:30pm      Doors
8pm           Performances
9pm           Auction, Giveaways
10pm         Vox Maquinista
11pm         DJ TonyG

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