Fundraiser and Beyond

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Help us reach our goal!

A resounding success and such a fun night, “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll” the performance is going to the Space Needle for Satellite on March 31st! Thanking all of our donors and sponsors and looking forward to the future, Copious Love gears up for yet another audition and rehearsal schedule.


Fundraiser Wrap Up
Satellite (March 31)
Alice’s Anthem (June 7th-23rd)

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We wanted to make a public thanks to everyone who contributed to our 2012 Fundraiser, “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll.” We raised over two thousand dollars at the event, which nearly sets us up completely for our upcoming musical extravaganza “Alice’s Anthem.” We have a budget of twenty-five hundred dollars for that production and an entire second season to kick off in 2013, so each and every dollar has been a huge step toward that goal.

Whether you went home with one of our amazing auction items (courtesy of Piece of Mind, Babeland, Easy Street, Tilth, Truce, The Glamazons, and Rachel Gavaletz), or you walked out with a Season Pass proudly displayed around your neck, or possibly a kiss from the Castle of Love with Bryan Barr, OR if you got down on some of that food from Brad and Tyler… It was truly an experience to remember. That event was made so much fun by having you all there. Thank you for coming and living in our little bubble of what we call: awesomeness.

A very special thanks goes to Dick Philips, Jillian Callahan, and Rachel Gavaletz for their performances of “The Way I See It,” “Sweet&Decent…,” and “Alice’s Anthem,” respectively. It was so great to watch Dick get back into the character of Steve the record store manager. With Meg’s makeup, he really is that old deadhead. Then there’s Ginger Bourbon… And Jillian Callahan really is Ginger Bourbon. We may have invented her, but she manifested Ginger into a real person, and owns the character now. Having relived these moments was so special for us. We hope you felt the same way whether it was the first time or not. With a tailwind of pride we lead into the reading of Alice’s Anthem. Rachel picked up the theme song of the musical with such ease only days prior, but stunned us with her performance. Such a treat!

Again, a million thanks to everyone who joined us. We LOVE you.

If you weren’t able to make it to the Fundraiser, you are still able to contribute to Copious Love right where you sit! Well, you would have to get up and grab your purse or wallet over there, and grab your debit card, and then read it. But hey, if you are willing now is your chance to make a tax-deductible donation so that we can make our goal. We are so close to $2500 and every dollar beyond that goes to the budget for “Cedar in the Redwoods,” a Copious Love Production, Season II, 2013.

Consider even a very small donation. Not gonna lie… Lacy, Chelsea, and Tony have all contributed financially to get this company off the ground and we never pay ourselves out, or even any of our actors or talent. We are an honest non-profit with 100% reinvestment. You can take pride in contributing to us and being a published Donor on “Alice’s Anthem” is budgeted as such in order of percentage: Ballard Underground Rental, TPS Rehearsal Rentals, Sets, Technical Equip. Rentals, Costumes, Props, and Marketing. Thanks in advance!

Copious Love Productions: Click-To-Pledge

March 31st at the Space Needle

Copious Love was selected amongst numerous applicants for a special performance at Satellite; an incredible night of music, food, art, creative performances and intelligent conversation at Seattle’s most focal and spaceship-like venue: the Space Needle. Satellite is a combined fundraiser for The Stranger’s Genius Awards and Shunpike Arts Collective.

The Stranger Genius Awards is a cross between the MacArthur Grants and Publisher’s Clearinghouse: Every fall since 2003, they have given a check for $5,000 and an obscene amount of attention to four artists and an arts organization.

Shunpike fuels innovation in the arts with their services in fiscal sponsorship and back-office administration. They are an enabler of arts organizations (like Copious Love Productions) to become full-fledged 501(c)3 non-profit companies, and forge forward with their art rather than getting bogged down with the administration tasks of a non-profit company.

Copious Love brings the Steve, Ginger Bourbon, and Alice to the party, in the high-donor area amongst Seattle’s biggest movers and shakers. We strive to represent Seattle and we love it, copiously. We are so incredibly happy to be performing in such company, and we hope to strike on some of the deepest roots of our city’s culture: rock ‘n roll, burlesque, and the drug culture. We take it seriously that we are original Seattle theatre, and we hope Seattle loves us as much as we do them. Big ups to my city!

Open to the public so come cheer us on!!! More information HERE.

ALICE’S ANTHEM (June 7th-23rd)Alice's Anthem, June 7th - 23rd, 2012
Updates from the dust of wheels flying across the landscape… We are in full audition mode, with five days worth of auditions and callbacks coming up this weekend and next week. The band is almost completely cast, and the poster is nearly complete! Extreme love and props to Jeff Carpenter whose original art composes the “Alice’s Anthem” show poster. Not only that, but we have announced the dates: Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays, June 7th – 23rd, 2012 (poster differs).

If you want some spoilers on the characters, check out our Auditions page for a complete cast list with descriptions. Once we cast the play, we will make a full press release with their lovely faces so that you can begin doting over their beauty and grace. Then it’s time for rehearsals. Band and cast. Not only that, but we hope nothing gets in our way of releasing a complete recording of the soundtrack to Alice’s Anthem along with the premier of the play. Keep updated. That is all I can say for now.


With our heart,
The Copious Lovers

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