Alice's Anthem

Concluding Alice’s Anthem

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ImageWow… I am not sure what else can be said for the production other than that. Wow.

I wanted to do two things in this post: thank all of our contributors and cohorts and include some new pieces from company members that came from this wonderful play. CLP is producing a video release of the performance coming soon.

Alice’s Anthem – Original Soundtrack now available for $9.99 at iTunes, AmazonMP3, and CDBaby.

See the Playbill: 1, 2,3


Ty Bonneville, John Paul Sharp(.com), Jillian Callahan, Saya Burchfield, Rachel Gavaletz, Rachel Tyrrel, Geoff Finney, Brent Loya, Jen Davies, Rachel Ross, Truong Nguyen, Dick Phillips, Missy King, Jordan Louie, Emily Veling, Jessica Pickett, Allen Madsen, Jeff Carpenter, Brendan Barr,  Meg Phillips, Deanna Miller, & Alyssa Mottle.

Shunpike, The Ballard Underground, Rob Bergquist and Ghost Light Theatricals, Technical Event Production, Freehold Theatre, Theatre Puget Sound, Rachael Larsen and Piece of Mind, Dave and Marta Maxwell, Alex Boyle, Jacqueline Jeanette, The Glamazons; Saya Burchfield and Meg Phillips, Deanna Miller, Alyssa Mottle, Allen & Sharron Madsen, Brendan Barr, Jeff Carpenter, Brad Kelleher, Missy King, Jessica Pickett, and of course Copious Love and thanks to YOU.

(VIDEO) John Paul Sharp .Com Lifetime Achievement Award
Copious Love Productions had a little awards ceremony last night and I couldn’t help but share with you all the one that I got, ’cause I know a lot of you in Denver especially will understand that I continue to successfully get my brand out there!! ;D hahahaha A big thanks to the entire cast and crew of Alice’s Anthem and big hugs to Chelsea Elizabeth-Mae Kelleher, Tony Gavilanes, and Lacy Sarco. Here’s to the future!”

(POEM) By Brendan Barr
Welcome to wonderland they said to alice
As she followed a kan who resembled a rabbit
After two or three bounds past flower and tree
She found herself among friends sipping on tea
And though the creatures and hatter had the best intent
This is where alice began to be bent
The hatter had a thought so he dragged her along
And they spoke with the flowers who burst into song
After which the flowers began to fight
So alice and max took off into the night
They settled for coffee with a gloomy song sung
And played travelling chess til the soup song was done
To a porch they then went for an answer you see
Where the oracle got alice to try lsd
And when she awoke she took off quite late
While the oracle scoffed the cat would just wait
So alice hopped on a train surrounded by flies
But soon she escaped despite chase’s cries
Trapped in a forest alone with the cat
Alice was teased and sent off just like that
Stumbling through darkness for what seemed like weeks
She found herself listening to two fucking tweaks
Sent out from the house by a crazy ass cook
She went out with a mission for river or brook
The hatter found her and proclaimed her queen
And they took off for the eighth to find royalty
But her mother they found angry and red
Who told the poor girl it was off with her head
And all that you,ve read that was written above
Was performed down in ballard with copious love
By a wonderful band of brigands and thieves
Who I now count friends, so thank you from me.

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