Alice's Anthem

Sleep Tight, Little ‘Alice’…

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We are all Alice/running away/searching for home/wrong & out of sorts/insatiable/incredible/little creatures/ flowing together like a River/we connect/ we divide/ every song an anthem/ sung from the mountain tops/ every heart bleeding/ every nerve raw / the contents of our characters/we have so very much of it/ We are all Alice/ insatiable/incredible/ little creatures/ we will play games/ we are so very late /consult in disarray/ insatiable/ incredible/ little creatures/ together/ our world will start to speak/ We are all Alice/ we/are/all/ Lost. – Chelsea Madsen 6/14/2012

During our second week running ‘Alice’s Anthem,’ Dick Phillips and I were talking and getting jazzed about our second weekend running the show when he looked down, contemplating it all so far and said so genuinely, “We are all lost. Insatiable, incredible, little creatures. We are all, Alice.” And I then obsessed about the blatant honesty of that statement.

I think it pretty much sums up how all of our personal lives went through this whole project. Without getting down to the nitty gritty, basically everyone’s lives exploded during the months we spent making this show. Almost every person’s life was literally turned upside down; it was like we were working on Macbeth. Don’t get me wrong, this show was fucking magical (see below amazingness) but before I gush about all the good I want to acknowledge the amount of scary real life shit we went through, as a team, to get to this amazing finish line. We were all Alice, every single night, running away from the bad stuff, to make it better for a little while with theatre, music and *love*. When real life gets in the way you forget how therapeutic the stage, the process of making everything that goes onto it, and the community of it all, truly is. But then the magic starts to happens, and we remember. And we revel. *sigh*

I feel like I just want to say, “’Alice’ was insanity! It was psychedelic, trippy, balls to the wall marathon theatre. We fucking rocked it, and in the end, we said goodbye to it while wheeling Tony offstage on a dolly;” Because that’s really how it was and I don’t know how to express it in any other way without sounding cheesy. I might just have to sound cheesy, so don’t judge me if I over-do it.

People’s dreams came true during this show. People’s personal and theatrical life goals were met during those three weeks; things were crossed off bucket lists. For real. PEOPLE THREW SOCKS. That was just the absolute best. We rocked you so hard, your socks came off, and you threw them on the stage. THANK YOU. I hope you now understand what being in the audience for those shows really meant. You were witness to “marinated dreams” coming true.

I have been fantasizing about doing this for somewhat like six years, we have been conceptualizing the show as a company for about two (three?) and as we grew in members; so did the vision. It became so much bigger than we anticipated, very quickly, and so much more important. All of a sudden everything fit, we had our dream cast, our dream crew and people wanted to help in any way that they could. If this was you, you are part of why CLP is so great. You are part of the community that holds us together. Thank you.

So if you weren’t in the audience, you missed out on Copious Love history and you are now obligated to buy the DVD/Soundtrack/Merch. That’s right; we have a DVD in the making… You will buy it, you will sing along and you will be amazed and astounded at how professional it looks and sounds. Again, we had a family member reach out and donate their time and talent to help us grow. From what we have seen (so far only a clip), your jaw will drop. We had expectations as to how it would look on film; generally filming live theatre is a crap shoot, you might not get every shot you want, things are missed, facial expressions are mushy etc. Not that we had doubts about Mike’s talent, but we really had NO IDEA what we were going to get. He sent us the clip and I watched it seven times in a row. Goosebumps all over.   It is fantastic. I can’t wait. And now I assume YOU can’t wait. Like always, I prefer you to be on the edge of your seats.

So in conclusion, with this blog, we are officially putting ‘Alice’ to bed, all tucked in nice and neat at Copious Love headquarters, along with our entire first season. It’s kind of hitting me now; and it’s odd to see that in writing. It’s over but far from finished. And never fear! In these blogs I will be revealing copious secrets only our loyal readers will get to hear, introducing our newest CLP Members (HOORAY!) and keeping you up to date on the cutest theatre family Seattle has ever seen. We have so much to offer it’s overwhelming. We just love you all so damn much.

And just like that; on to Season Two!

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