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Copious Love Suggests: RENT and The Taming of the Shrew

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Copious Love Suggests: RENT (Onstage tickets for $20!!! I’ll tell you how…) and The Taming of the Shrew (FREE Shakespeare! In the park! No excuses!)

This is totally unfair, I am sorry this information is coming to you so late, by the time you will read this you will only have a couple days left to witness the fabulous performances I am demanding that you see. I have been technologically at a disadvantage and unable to write as frequently as I normally do and I have been waiting to gush about these shows for like, a week.  So bear with me, in the future, as we here at CLP go to see shows, and make suggestions about shows we have enjoyed and want you to see, I intend to tell you the very next day!! Not at the last minute when tickets might be sparse and it might be impossible for you to see it, so please accept my apologies! My intent with these blogs is to spread the word about our fellow company members and friends as they perform about town doing the fabulous things they do (act, sing, dance, read, show off their great art, and generally be silly), we want to spread the word about our fellow independent theatre companies as they put on great shows and hopefully persuade you to go out and support these incredible assets to YOUR artistic community. So without further ado, i’ll shut up and give you my suggestions…

RENT (5th Avenue Theatre, various ticket prices, until Sunday Aug.19th):
RENT (always in capitals because it warrants them) is my all-time favorite musical. I cry, literally throughout, the entire performance. Every. Single. Time.  If you have never been to see this beautiful, tragic, inspiring piece of theatre; I implore you to go! You will not regret it. In short, a bunch of late twenty something artists live, fairly illegally, in a loft building in NYC. They live, love, make art, explore their sexuality, and face the ever present drug culture and ultimately- AIDS. I think this would be my 5th or 6th time seeing the show live and this was by far the best. As I sat, onstage- surrounded by the chorus members, I started to wonder what felt so different. It wasn’t being onstage, it wasn’t the slight differences in vision, no those were minimal and really well done; it was the fact that even though I knew a song was coming up, even though I know every actor could sing that song in his or her sleep, every single actor sang it OUT like they’ve been waiting to sing it their entire life. Like those words had been bubbling up for an eternity and just spilled out. There was passion in lines that I had never heard, ferocity where I’d never seen it. It was real, it was in the moment and it was fresh. A twenty plus year old script and music, fresh? That’s talent people. Go pay your respects. If you are 16-30 years of age, get your ass to the box office at 12noon, bring your ID and snag a seat ONSTAGE for $20!!

The Taming of the Shrew
(various locales around town, for info,
FREE! Until Aug.18th):
There are a very few amount of things I enjoy more in this life than theatre. Theatre in a park is even better, theatre in a park, on a sunny day with friends and wine? You see where I am going with this, I can tell. So I’ll get down to it, Shakespeare + park+sun+wine+friends+FREE= perfection. Picture this, if you go see Shakespeare in the park for free and have a great time (you will), just by being there soaking up these incredibly well cast and performed shows, you will be supporting a massively important company. GreenStage puts on totally free, professionally produced and performed SHAKESPEARE in the most beautiful parks Seattle has to offer. Did I mention it’s FREE? There is a stipulation around town that this costs money, I’ve heard a couple excuses but you have none! Take a date, take your mom, FOR GOD SAKES TAKE YOUR KIDS!! Okay, maybe not to Henry VII (yet) but definitely to Taming of the Shrew, this show is really worth it. The choreography is flawless and visually engaging, the comedy is played up just right without going over the top and modernized in all the right places. A big shout out to Copious Love alumni, Fox Rain Matthews, who gives a hilarious and memorable performance as the love struck Lucentio; out to win the heart of the intensely sought after Bianca. All in all, after 24 years, GreenStage is only getting better and better. Some tips would be to come early to get a great spot (I can’t emphasize this enough), bring sunscreen, chairs, and water. Also if you feel generous, bring a couple dollars to help keep bringing back these wonderful shows. Enjoy!!

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