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Reflections on CLP: Season 1

Let me take you back. All the way back to July of 2011, our little company had just barely started off and we were opening The Way I See It. All eight of us were crammed into the dressing room/prop room/backstage at the Ballard Underground, drinking Rainier and calming our nerves as people wandered into the lobby. I couldn’t believe we were actually opening a show and that people were actually sitting in the audience. People other than our parents.

It seems like way more than just over a year has passed considering how incredibly far we have come. As Copious Love opened Season I the highest audience count for The Way I See It was something like 29 and we were ecstatic. During Sweet&Decent/ Dark&Twisty, we sold out every single night and there was an immediate demand for a longer run, then we realized we created something worth while. Copious Love had made a name for ourselves as a truly unique company dedicated to original works and a focus on local talent. Suddenly we had a packed audition schedule and a gig at the Space Needle to perform for the Shunpike and Stranger Genius Awards Fundraiser. Shortly before that we threw a very successful fundraiser of our own (sponsored by Seattle favorites Babeland, Piece of Mind and Easy Street Records to name a few) which celebrated the theme of Copious Love’s Season I: Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n Roll. After our first annual fundraiser we began production for Alice’s Anthem and got more and more hits on our website as we started teasing you with the upcoming Electro-Cabaret. As we started sharing behind the scenes videos and interviewing all the people who worked tirelessly on this gorgeous show, we saw our fans, the Copious Lovelies, start to grow by the dozens. You helped spread the word about this trippy little musical put on by company of friends and boy oh boy did it work. By the last weekend of Alice’s Anthem, we literally made three rows of free standing seats onto the stage because we don’t believe in selling out. Copious Love got thrown all the way down the rabbit hole and came out on the other side of Wonderland closer, tighter, and more organized than ever before.

With that being said, stay tuned for the Part 2 of this post NEXT WEEK when we unveil:

…To Be Continued…

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  • Congratulations Copious Love. May you have many years of wonderful theatrical, musical productions for us to enjoy! I’m not missing one of your fabulous events.

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