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What to expect from Copious Love Productions in 2013

When we think of embarking on a new season our imagine takes hold, and no matter what, everything we look toward is coated with insatiable dreams. Copious Love has taken flight. You proved it by witnessing our first season! Now behold as we introduce to you CLP – Season 2!!

After practically selling out most of our first season shows, we are pleased to announce that we are moving to a fantastic bigger venue! We are set to begin Season 2 at the historic Washington Hall in Capitol Hill. This beautiful theatre hosts over 200 people with an astounding balcony and almost an entire century of charm.

We are also hosting an array of events old and new in addition to our three-play season. Read on to see our entire list of upcoming events throughout 2012-2013…

ARTSGIVING (Thu, Dec. 6 at Jewelbox Theatre at Rendezvous)
We will start Season 2 with our second annual Artsgiving event, which is our ABSOLUTELY FREE evening of jolly interactivity and exciting original art sponsored by the Copious Love crew. Artsgiving is an open-mic style celebration of art forms in all of their various glories… A chance for anyone to express themselves in the presence of a loving family of artists. If you are working on an original song, poem, self-expression, story, art, or feeling you may be willing to share, bring it. This event is about getting through the holidays together, sharing, participating, and loving each other… copiously.
Event Information/Contact

ALICE’S ANTHEM DVD RELEASE PARTY (date unknown at undisclosed location)

(date unknown at undisclosed location)
This is truly an epic event. We are hosting a DVD release party for Alice’s Anthem! Mike Hodge graciously brought in an entire crew and filmed our second Saturday performance in June 2012. Above is a YouTube mere glimpse at the full play where in the final scene in Act One, Alice begins to take her own trip after being induced by Max…. Join us as we screen the full movie premier in HD for your viewing delight and have the movie available for purchase in DVD and download. If this is your first time or if you are experiencing the magic again, join us for a celebration of the first original musical by Copious Love productions: Alice’s Anthem. Featuring music by Tony Gavilanes, this extravaganza is the top of the cake and the tip of the iceberg for Copious Love.

“COPIOUS LOVE TURNS TWO!!” Fundraiser (Sat, Feb. 2 at Washington Hall)
Our Second Annual Fundraiser is conjoined with a complete Kickstarter campaign that will begin 30 days prior to the event! We have seriously ambitious goals for this company and we are hoping to fund our entire first show if not all of Season II in this month of fundraising. All kinds of copious gifts are going to be rolling over the emerald city come 2013, and all leading to the  extravaganza that is our “Copious Love Turns Two!!” Fundraiser event. We plan to throw a roaring good time – like we do – as we introduce our upcoming season with performances, exhibits, readings, and hilarity. As we focus on life, death and family, we will provide food and drink specials, an auction, and definitely a few surprises!!

CEDAR & THE REDWOODS (March 14 – April 6 at Washington Hall)
Then Copious Love will kick off the shows with Cedar & The Redwoods, set to premiere on March 14, 2013 and run for a month. This is a really exciting production because not only will we be occupying a new theatre (!!!), but the show is directed by Copious Love Member (and Season 1 alumni) John Paul Sharp, with some help from Copious Love Executive Producer Lacy Sarco. This show marks the first of our more dramatic, intense original works. The story focuses on Cedar, a girl just settling into her own after moving away from her family. The show opens as Cedar receives a crisis call in the middle of the night and must drive up toward Portland from San Francisco. Frantically driving she accidentally takes a wrong turn down the Avenue of Giants, lost and confused she crashes her car. While Cedar marvels at the intense beauty of the Redwoods, she must try to survive the night and get back on the road while keeping her inner demons, and the ghosts of her past, at bay. This show will be a psychological battle of wits that will keep you guessing and hoping with anticipation.

7 DEADLY BIRTHDAYS (July 12 – August 3, 2013 at Washington Hall)
Our second show, 7 Deadly Birthdays, will be a comedic large ensemble play that will premiere on July 12th, 2013. Using a series of monologues from our heroine’s point of view as she relates the seven deadly sins to her seven most influential birthdays. Intertwined with dialogue involving a priest, the occasional nun, her family and friends, 7 Deadly Birthdays follows a woman from her confusing catholic childhood to her guilt ridden “prime of life” as she tries desperately to navigate what life is really all about and how best to survive as a “recovering catholic”.

FATHERS (Late 2013)
Finally, in late 2013, we will premiere Fathers. This show is written and scored by the one and only, John Paul Sharp. Fathers, is a comedic/dramatic musical about a gay man and his mostly gay family over the course of three events: a wedding reception, a funeral wake and an adoption party. Take a peek from a safe seat and escape into the laughter and tears of an extremely unconventional family that really may not be much different from your own. The show is packed with songs, stories and jokes that are sure to give everyone a warm feeling to last throughout the rest of the year! Who can think of a better show to see during the holidays?!

THE COPIOUS LOVE BLOG (online everyday)
It is our goal to transmit to you all of the creativity and inspiration from our company that we possibly can, and for this we have set out with an entire program with our Season II blog. We have begun new series’ that will allow you to get richer and more consistent posts every week. Our “Copious Love Suggests:” column will be a monthly installment giving you a heads up on the grassroots and major theatre that is happening around town. We have also begun “Member-Written” posts, so look out for original text, visual, and even video art coming out on that series. These new elements in addition to scheduled CLP event announcements, monthly company updates, and a whole program of new content altogether. Our goal is to keep you copious every single week. Behold the new movement!

MEMBERSHIP (the copious lovelies)
In the past year Copious Love has successfully produced our first season of three completely original plays and there is no way to claim that accomplishment without giving credit to our volunteers and contributors. A select number of those now comprise our company membership of eight official members who are the hardest working and most dedicated people we could ever hope to work with. One of our business goals is to help support all our members’ pursuit of the arts because we can spread love by nurturing original local artists. We are making a lot of dramatic jumps and improvements as we launch into Season 2 and we are excited at the prospect of continuing to grow dramatically with each new season. Member pages currently include our founders (Lacy, Chelsea, Tony) and will be updated with member profiles as a part of weekly blog releases.

MERCHANDISE (online and at events)
Of course we have a whole new set of logos for Season 2 that we are oh so very proud of. Arriving to your doorstep soon are Copious Love V-Neck t-shirts, CLP stickers, and “Get Your Heart On” buttons. There will be an online order announcement as soon as they are available. Also available at all Copious events.

Please consider “Subscribing” to our blog for up to the second updates on Copious Love with the button on the top right of our page.

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