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Gregory Awards 2012 – Recap

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Gregory Awards 2012 at The ACT – Monday Oct. 29

By Lacy Sarco

This is the first big Red carpet event Chelsea and I have attended. So I think it is fair to say we were a little more nervous than usual. Tony was nice enough to chauffeur us for the night and as he dropped us off in front of the ACT Theatre he gave us the best advice, “Okay ladies, If you walk in there and decide that you need a drink first, the Cheesecake Factory is right down the street. Or if you really want you can go to into the bar at Gameworks, I know that’ll give you a big boost of confidence! ” We all laughed and we walked into our very first Seattle theatre award show with all the confidence we needed! We had an amazing time at the 2012 Gregory Awards and look forward to bringing our whole company next year!! It was amazing to feel the love within the Seattle Theatre Community and it cemented the reasons why we produce the work that we do. Chelsea and I met so many amazing people, were able to spend time with great friends and learned so much about our theatre community. For us, there were a few stand out, shining moments throughout the ceremony. The first award given that night was for Outstanding New Play and was awarded to Theater Schmeater‘s Live! From the Last Night of My Life by Wayne Rawley. Rawley accepted the award and began his speech by saying  “Writing plays is cold dark place.. and should not be celebrated.” He then talked about how writing itself should not be commemorated because without people and a community willing to produce new plays it makes no difference. Writing and producing all original shows made both Chelsea and I relate to so many aspects of Rawleys acceptance speech. Another stand out moment was Mayor Mike McGinn awarding The First Annual Melissa Hines Award to the manager of the Seattle Shakespeare Company, John Bradshaw. Mayor McGinn spoke about how great it was to be in a room full of Seattle artists and that he could feel the passion of the theatre community around him. It was really cool to hear the Mayor of our city support Seattle Theatre and realize that Copious Love is a part of that community. Another amazing part of the Gregory Awards was Azeotrope winning four awards including Outstanding Production. As their company accepted that last award their Founder and Co-Artistic Director Richard Nguyen Sloniker said he was so thankful and blown away, especially because this is only their Second Season… Chelsea and I smiled and looked at eachother full of hope for 2013… Here is to Copious Love’s next year!!

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