Artsgiving 2012

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Thursday, Dec. 6th – FREE!
at The Rendezvous

Artsgiving 2012 is upon us! Here is the definitive guide to Seattle’s all-involved artistic community event!

What we are most excited about is the fact that Artsgiving is an open-mic invite to our extended artistic community. That means we are ALL in store for a variety of fantastic artistic expressions brought to the venue for Artsgiving. We will host three hours of stage performances in the Jewelbox Theatre in addition to curating the upstairs Copious Lounge where the Artsgiving Gallery will display all visual art submitted to the event. Mingle and mix at this celebration of art, community, and love.

Connect with us @CopiousLove to get a photo and update feed of Artsgiving 2012 LIVE!

Over 20 scheduled stage performances and a dozen or more art pieces for the gallery.
Our host John Paul Sharp wants you to learn his song for Artsgiving. Give the video a click and learn the chorus for a show-opening holiday sing-along!

We will be taking artistic submissions until the moment before your call to stage. It is best however, to submit your performance or piece to the Copious Love staff so that we can arrange anything on our side and make space for you. Submissions for performing or visual art will be accepted up until the day of our event. And even after that, we welcome you to come to the event and let us know right there if you would like to show your art. Clipboards will be roaming the event to pick up all of you day-of artists.
Contact to get in!

See rolling commentary on this event on the
Artsgiving 2012 Facebook Event Page.

Make sure to “Like” our Facebook Page, or Follow us on Twitter, join our Mailing List, or just go peruse You will find a multitude of ways to interact with us and make contact. We like friends a lot!

Our Second-Annual free holiday party celebrating jolly interactivity and exciting original art sponsored by the Copious Love crew, Artsgiving is a very informal open-mic style celebration of art forms in all of their various glories… An invite to our extended artistic community to come express yourself in the presence of a loving family of artists. We want YOU! We want to know about that original song, poem, self-expression, story, art, or even feeling you may be willing to share. Bring it to Artsgiving. This event is about getting through the holidays together.. Sharing, participating, and loving each other… copiously.

We are going to take over the Jewelbox Theater at Belltown’s Rendezvous for all of the live stage performances, hosted by none other than John Paul Sharp. We will provide 3 mics, a keyboard, plug-in for guitar, and a hand drum. And by popular demand, we are curating the all-new Artsgiving Gallery of Visual Art upstairs in the Copious (Velvet) Lounge. Now all of you painters, photographers, sculptors, and inventors have a gallery just for you! The Copious Lounge will be an excellent atmosphere to mingle amongst all of the art submitted to the event.

6:00     Doors & Copious Lounge Open
6:30     Stage Performances in Jewelbox Theater
8:00     Preview of Season 2 from Copious Love Founders
9:30     Show Ends but the party continues upstairs in the Copious Lounge!!

Dickens Carolers – 10 – 15 minute set
Kim Voyner – Film Showing
Rachel Tyrrel- Poem
Zanne Kamp – Singer/Songwriter
Gina Malvestuto – Short Play
Brendan Barr – “Church of Swayze” hymnal
Ty Bonneville – Film Showing
Chelsea Madsen – two poems, one by her, one by Brad
Rachel Delmar – staged reading with Meg Phillips
Dick Phillips – monologue? short story? dick
Styles Bentley – mystery songs
Lacy Sarco – monologue
JP Sharp – a couple songs, Fathers preview
Tony Gavilanes – singalong song

Are you a performer around the Seattle area and want to try something out on stage for the first time? Copious Love Productions is calling out to all artists out there to join us for this completely free-to-the-public holiday party. You can contact us if you want to make sure to reserve a time to perform on stage, or you can just show up to the event and fill out your name for open mic!  All types of acts are welcome and we’re especially looking for acts to create a cathartic experience. Contact and let us know what you’re interested in performing! – John Paul Sharp, Host

Copious Love would like to invite all of you visual artists (non-performamce artists) to bring in your artwork to be put on display for an absolutely free communal art exhibit at Artsgiving. Come share your art with the artistic community to inspire other artists and be inspired alike! All mediums will be welcomed with excited, open arms. Be it a painting, drawing, graffiti art, photograph, sculpture (of easily moveable size), light exhibit (also of easily moveable size), blown glass, clay and other varied figurines, original inventions…. and the artistic list could go on and on! All of the pieces will be set up to be viewed in the upstairs Copious Lounge a.k.a. the Velvet Lounge at the Rendezvous. Save the date and get your art pieces ready for an evening jam packed with artist collaboration! Contact and come get your art on! – Missy King, Visual Art Curator

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