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Cedar and the Redwoods 11x17 3Cedar & The Redwoods
March 14, 15 / 22, 23 / 28, 30 April 5, 6
at Washington Hall
7pm Doors / 7:30 Curtains
TICKETS: $12 – $15

Copious Love will begin our second season of completely original theatre with Cedar & The Redwoods, premiering at Historic Washington Hall this week on Thursday March 14th! Opening Night will be the first of our two “Pay What You Can” Thursday nights. We are offering this twice because we don’t want there to be any excuse not to come see this show! Cedar is not only our first show of the season; it is the first of our dramatic works as a company.  Cedar deals heavily with human mortality, mental health, family, grief and survival. With such a heavy and complicated subject matter, we knew we would have to build an equally complicated surrounding. Thanks to our generous donors that backed us during our Kickstarter campaign and our annual Fundraiser, we have been able to construct and design a set and projection elements that are as unique as the script. Both will take you completely into Cedar’s environment and transport you right into the California Redwoods. If nothing else, come see what we have done to the stage at Historic Washington Hall, you will be astounded what we can do with this space. Over the past month our set design team has designed a Redwood Forest out of papier-mâché and cheesecloth and custom built Cedar’s jeep out of old set pieces from our last season. Our Technical Designer animated custom projection and sound effects with distinctive lighting to compliment the entire show.  Meanwhile, our directors and stage management worked with some of the most talented actors that Seattle has to offer. Our four actors will be portraying ten completely separate characters; some living, some dead, and some purely fabricated through Cedar’s subconscious. Our actors are fiercely dedicated to this show and it takes a remarkable amount of flexibility to be able to pull these characters off. They do so seamlessly.

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All in all, the level of detail in this production is massive. We will preview each performance with a reading from one of the participants of our Copious Love Writing Workshops. All in all this show has taught us that, as a company, we will never, ever think on a small scale. We will always set the bar high and challenge ourselves, that’s how we keep learning, growing and thriving.  This is what Copious Love is all about. Cedar & The Redwoods is a psychological battle of the wits set in one of the most intensely beautiful places on earth. You will be entertained, moved and the story will keep you guessing the whole time. Copious Love invites you to come along for the theatrical road trip of the year!




Reagan DickeySarina HartD'Arcy HarrisonGeoff Finney




VIDEO – An Interview with “Cedar”
VIDEO – An Interview with “Darcy”
VIDEO – An Interview with “Rose”
VIDEO – An Interview with “Nigel”

WASHINGTON HALL – (153 14th Avenue) Capitol Hill (map)
Washington HallThis beautiful historic building has an amazing story. Housing Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, The Black Panther Party, and now CLP, we fully intend to fulfill the precedent for incredible performances in this space. Read more about Washington Hall’s history at their website. PARKING is available on many of the neighboring streets.


TICKETS Advance via BPT / Cash / Check / CC
We have multiple levels of ticket admissions depending on the night and your AARP affiliation, and/or otherwise:
Thursdays (3/14 & 3/28) are “Pay What You Can”
TPS Members, Students & Seniors are $12
General Admission is $15


Facebook-LogoRSVP on the FACEBOOK EVENT

We’re posting behind the scenes content daily on the event page. Photos, videos and any chance to win a giveaway are right there. Don’t miss your opportunity to be involved in all the action! Click the link now.

We are going to have all kinds of ways for you to contribute at this event and we wanted to make sure that we encourage the spirit of giving throughout. In addition to our amazing Copious Love Heart T-Shirts, stickers and buttons, we will also be taking General Donations. Cash, Check or CC.

If you feel compelled, we also have a convenient Click-To-Pledge webpage for a completely tax-deductible donation to Copious Love Productions if you would like to do that now! Click-To-Pledge


We’ll post all the reviews about the show below:
(3/15) New Queer On The Block
(3/17) Drama in the Hood
(3/24) Arts Stage – Seattle Rage


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Email in sidebar.

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