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The Envy Blog “7 Deadly Birthdays” / #7Birthdays

Lacy had a similar childhood to mine when it came to religion. While mine was Irish Catholic, hers was straight up Christian. She was not allowed to play with Troll dolls, because they were “evil”, and Indian Dream catchers were thought to be “Satanic”. When she was five she got close to being kicked out of Kindergarten for handing out Jesus stickers to the other kids in her class, her way of trying to “save their souls” but her principal was not amused. van-halen-1984-album-coverI, on the other hand, was very kindly asked to leave my C.C.D class around age 12, on account of my fashion statements involving sacrilegious classic rock album covers and my blatant questioning of the Catholic dogma. Both of us were confused and bewildered when it came to our faith as neither one of us had been given a choice when it came to choosing our religion. So when we found each other in 9th grade we were ripe with religious angst and ready to get drunk on rebellion and art. It was a match made in…Heaven?

sweet 16If you happen to be female, and you live in America, you will be told from birth that 16 is the best age to be. Inevitably, whether you want to or not, you will have a “Sweet 16.” For some, it will be a non-stop awesome parade and you will get everything you ask for.  For others, it will be a insufferable evening of disappointment, stale sheet cake and tears. You will rush towards that birthday like a freight train and once you get there…you are stuck. Stuck in a world that doesn’t understand you, doesn’t want to listen to you and would rather you just hurry up and turn into an adult. Hormones come on like a hurricane; you can literally hear how annoying you are to the rest of the world, adults pass off your emotions and no one takes you seriously. It is the WORST.

Ahhh…The sweet taste of teenage angst!greenwithenvy It is Envy in all it’s terribly glory; the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, the longing that you just can’t contain. It seems like the only way to get even with the person, place or thing that pissed you off, is revenge. Envy of this caliber rages inside Maddie like wildfire and she decides, on her 16th birthday that action must be taken against her nemesis. With her best friend at her side egging her on, the gloves come off.

It’s no secret that the characters of Maddie and Lenora are inspired by Lacy and I. It’s an exaggeration for sure, neither one of us fits distinctly into a single character but their relationship is very similar to ours. We were theatre nerds stuck in a farming town in the middle of nowhere, at a High School where all the money for after school activities (like, for instance, drama club!) went straight to sports and cheer-leading.  To us it seemed like those rich snobby preps had everything in the world just handed to them. All they would have to do was walk into the ASB meetings and ask for funding, and it was given to them no question. While we had to beg on our hands and knees just to get the bare minimum to put up a single show. So, sometimes, when we would find ourselves extremely frustrated and a certain shade of chartreuse, our worst ideas seemed like the greatest plans in the world. Of course, for the record, we never actually played out any of those hilarious, ingenious plans that we dreamt up for real. We are two of the clumsiest, loudest people you will ever meet and sadly, we are incredibly inept when it comes to sneaking around.

But we can hatch an evil plan like you would not believe.

By Chelsea Madsen

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