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The Pride Blog “7 Deadly Birthdays” / #7Birthdays

Pride is funny. It is said to be the worst of all of the seven deadly sins but all our lives we are told to be proud. Be proud of who you are, take pride in your work. If you have too little pride you are said to be self-conscious, have more self-esteem! If you are too proud, you pride2are arrogant. This can get confusing. It’s a slippery slope and by the time you are in your late twenties, according to most people, you should have your shit figured out. If you do, for the time being, you want to shout it from the mountain tops, and if you don’t? You want to hide. This aging process is happening faster than you ever expected and pretty soon, it’s time to go to your high school reunion. Next, the number on your birthday cake has a 3 in front of it. Shit. How did this happen?!

The Pride scene was the hardest scene for me to write. It’s the longest, most tedious part of the play (for good reason) but as it developed I came to see it as the turning point of the play. This is the first time Maddie really has a chance to make a change in her life. She has just begun to turn things around, for the better it would seem. She has a great job, a pridewonderful fiancée, most of the parts of life that people aspire to have at that point. On the outside she is doing very well.  But looming around the corner is unknown territory. Soon she will have to really settle down, be vulnerable with another human being, and learn a little something from her life experiences. You know, mature. *shudder*

Change is not something that comes natural to Maddie, and she never was one to follow the rules. Neither do Lacy and I. We have a tendency to shy away from, or do the exact opposite of what is expected of us. Sometimes this works overwhelmingly in our favor, sometimes, not so much. This trait is amplified in Maddie. Pride, in excess, can back you into a corner and ruin your day, your week, and if you let it; your life. The trick is to find balance. Balance is great, but it sure isn’t funny.prideecard

What is funny is when someone seems to have it all figured out- balanced and poised- and they fall flat on their face. Like I said, pride is a slippery slope. Maddie just so happens to find herself in this position on her 30th birthday, in front of her family, friends…and her perfect, god-fearing arch nemesis, Priscilla Lucinda Valentine.

What could possibly go wrong?

By Chelsea Madsen

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