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lust-sin-demotivational-posterThe Lust Blog
“7 Deadly Birthdays” #7Birthdays

When it comes to sin, most of us can agree that Lust is traditionally the most fun of the seven deadly.  It’s something almost every human on the planet experiences at one point. I mean, come on, it’s in our DNA. It’s a basic human function. Everyone goes through a stage in their life where the only thing their brain can focus on, is sex. Some of us never leave that stage. Others flit in and out of it. Females tend to be the ones that flit back and forth the most frequently as our sexuality can be somewhat of a moving target. When it comes to Lacy and my personal experiences, we have known quite a few women who blossomed into their sexuality later in life.These women were the ones that inspired Maddie’s 40th Vegas Birthday Vacation in 7 Deadly Birthdays.

Generally, a big life event happens and BANG! That’s all that matters in life. You hit a certain age and the door of Lustsexuality just flies open. What might be the answer to these new burning temptations and desires? VEGAS. It’s where most people in the USA go to shop, eat, drink and have sex without shame. You are in the company of a whole town filled with people who are on the same page. You can stand out while simultaneously fading into the insanity, experience an acceptable amount of debauchery and no one will talk about it when you get home.

From what I have observed, a 40th birthday is not something that many women want to celebrate. The popular response is, “Don’t mention my age,” “No over the hill jokes,” or “Let’s just say I’m turning 39 again!” You don’t want to be reminded what’s happening, you know, the aging process, so why not go to the one place you don’t really want to remember either? It only makes sense.

In Maddie’s case, she has just been through a tough divorced and is itching to get back to her bad girl roots. Cut loose, relax and get some much needed male attention. She has been playing the good girl for far too long, Vegas is where she gets her shoutgodgroove back…and it comes back with a vengeance. 21 year old Maddie would be satisfied with the weekend Vegas trip, 40 year old Maddie grows bored of one night stands and decides she needs a challenge. Wherever do you think an ex-Catholic divorcee would go for a challenge? Confession.

By Chelsea Madsen

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