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Because of a simultaneous block party “Boogie Up the Block”, hosted by resident group 206 Zulu, the weekend of Friday and Saturday the 26th and 27th will be Free and Pay-What-You-Can nights.

On Friday July 26th, road closures will impact the direct access to Washington Hall by car, but the surrounding neighborhood provides ample parking nonetheless. There will be a simultaneous hip-hop event downstairs in the hall that we may be competing on volume with, hence the FREE ticket price. This is a very good reason to come back, or come for the very first time. Altogether be aware of the other event on this night in the hall.

Saturday July 27th, the roads will still be blocked off for the block party, which you should definitely come and make a day of. I know a few of the Copious fellows will be in attendance, so come join in this community event. Because of road closures this night is Pay-What-You-Can; there is no simultaneous evening event during our performance.

The streets will be blocked, but there will be no fencing or impeded entrance to Washington Hall. Once parked, you can walk up without having to pay to enter the Boogie Up the Block event. We are upstairs in the hall, and there will be ample Copious Love signage directing you to the performance level.

Then of course, the industry special. We are offering our Thursday the 18th as a Pay-What-You-Can night in addition to the others. Just a way of saying, “why the hell not?”

We love you, Copiously

Please let us know if you have any questions: copiousloveproductions@gmail.com


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