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“Total Family Massage” Cast Announcement

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Premiering: December 12-29, 2013 at Eclectic Theater on Capitol Hill

Total Family Massage: The Musical! begins right after David and Marquis’ wedding. During a small reception with David’s family in their Capitol Hill apartment in Seattle, David’s father, Jerald (a highly entrepreneurial erotic masseur in his 70’s from Wichita, Kansas) reveals in his toast that he has sold his house and is planning on staying in Seattle to open up an Erotic Massage business with his son…and his son’s husband. David’s mother Marie, a Southern Baptist busy-body, can’t believe what she’s hearing. And when Jeremy, David’s psychic nephew, arrives unannounced, all hell breaks loose! Their relationships unravel, heal, and move forward. This is truly a feel-good holiday show that will make you laugh and cry… and laugh and cry all over again!

Featuring a cast of some of Seattle’s finest musical theatre actors, costumes by Georgina Spelvin and direction by Lacy Sarco and Chelsea Madsen; this adult-themed queer-centered holiday show, written by John Paul Sharp, is not to be missed!


John Paul SharpJohn Paul Sharp as David
Speaking for us all here at Copious Love, we could not be more proud to be closing out season two with Total Family Massage: The Musical! This show was not only written entirely by John Paul Sharp himself, but he is our Musical Director and starring in it! After all, David is an over‐the‐top, flamboyant, starving performance artist. Basically, John Paul Sharp is playing himself and this part could not be more perfectly cast.
toddhullTodd Hull as Jerald
Jerald is David’s father, a sexually‐charged 74‐year‐old sensual massage therapist from Wichita, Kansas. He’s a dreamer and a businessman looking for his own happy ending with a new beginning in Seattle. Todd has a smirk that says, “I could be thinking just about anything!” He has the right amount of mischief and charisma that is perfect for the slightly perverted task of creating Jerald. If you come to see this show for anything, it should be to see him sing such songs as, “Gettin’ Sucked in the Park” and “Suck My Cock in Heaven!”
Jason DooleyJason Dooley as Jeremy
Jeremy is David’s unassuming nephew, Suzanne’s son and Marie and Jerald’s grandson. He shows up to David and Marquis’s wedding reception unannounced and his attendance, and his well-being, acts as the catalyst for everyone’s relationship problems. He juggles all the energies of everyone around him as he communicates with the living… as well as with the dead. There is a lot going on with this character even though it might seem like he is never paying attention. Simply put, Jason will tug at your heart strings, of that I am certain.
Saya BurchfieldSaya Jean Burchfield
as Ghost of Suzanne
Ghost of Suzanne is David’s sister, Jeremy’s mother, and Jerald and Marie’s daughter. She’s a little gruff and to‐the‐point, but through her hard exterior, she reaches out and tugs the heart‐strings of her loved ones from the other side. Saya was most recently seen as Mother Superior in Copious Love’s 7 Deadly Birthdays and has been cast as Suzanne for a very long time. She and John Paul have a real life brother/sister bond that will only intensify their stellar onstage chemistry.
Mary Nelson-BrownMary Nelson-Brown as Marie
Marie is David’s mother. She is a loveable Southern Baptist busybody from Kansas. She’s just trying to support her last remaining child, but she finds herself pushed to the limits of her beliefs. Lots of surprises are headed her way, but how much will she be able to tolerate? Guessing by Mary’s strong voice and commanding presence, I think that she will be able to handle anything we throw her way!
Justin JohnsJustin Johns as Sylvester, The Cat
Sylvester is a senior male cat who go from being blissfully ignorant to a conniving midnight stalker, in a split second. He has a love‐to‐hate relationship with Leighlia, David’s other cat and his “co-host.” Sylvester and Leighlia will be on stage during the entire show, so these parts require a knack for feline mannerisms and quick improvisation. During auditions Justin showed us just how catty he can be, which is quite a bit! Sly movements accentuated by a slight touch of manic ADHD. Look out!
Jennifer Noel KlouseJennifer Nöel Klouse
as Leighlia, The Cat
Leighlia is David’s geriatric female cat. She’s been around the longest, she’s the only female in the house and she has been through it all. Sometimes bitter, sometimes totally sassy, other times overtly sexual; Leighlia is looking for love in all the wrong places. The second Jennifer and Justin began reading for these roles they played off one another exactly like two cats that had been cooped up in an apartment together for years. Jennifer is fearless, confident with razor sharp wit and a voice that will knock you flat. These are not your average house cats!
Joshua Moore as Paul
Paul is David’s best friend, visiting from Atlanta and the best man at he and Marquis’ wedding. He offers a philosophical perspective through heavily exaggerated talk. Everything he says kind of goes over everyone’s head and he tends to ramble on, though what he actually says is completely relevant. Paul’s overall composure is often challenged by Seattle’s turbulent weather. Josh joined the cast and instantly gave Paul a sassy, entitled, breath of fresh air. He will make you wish you had the energy to pay attention to what he is saying.
Hisam GoueliHisam Goueli as Marquis
Marquis is David’s newly‐wedded husband, though they’ve been together for years. While he faces issues with his own family, he reluctantly tries with little success, to keep the peace between David’s colorful family members. Marquis is the only voice of reason in the apartment most of the time. Hisam has a natural calm demeanor and a genuine warmth that adds a great tenderness to the only private moments David and Marquis get to have in a house full of people.
Eloisa CardonaEloisa Cardona as The Ghost of Ignacia
The Ghost of Ignacia is Marquis’ mother. She comes to comfort him when he feels unheard and isolated from David’s wacky family. Come to this show knowing that Eloisa will make you cry, she might only appear briefly throughout the show but they are marvelously important moments.

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