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Season 2 Wrap Up!

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DCIM100MEDIABoy, oh, boy has it been an incredible year for us here at Copious Love! 2013 treated us quite well but before we gush about the amazing productions and incredible moments we had, we would like to formally thank every single one of our fans, supporters, friends, family and AUDIENCE MEMBERS. We would not be here without you! Your presence and support keep our theatrical hearts beating and our copious spirits alive. Seriously, we really do have the best community around us, and we could not be more thankful. Rest assured that once we have taken a short break (we need one!) we will be back to bring you a whole new season full of exciting new works, original productions, workshops, events and parties in 2014-2015! Now let’s reflect on the past year, shall we?

Season Two officially began on New Year’s Day 2013 and we started our year off right! We kicked off our Kickstarter Campaign for Season 2 and almost a full year later on December 29th we wrapped up our season with the closing matinee of Total Family Massage: The Musical! Can you believe it? Almost 363 solid days of theatrical greatness! While we definitely learned our lesson about spacing seasons out over a year and a half (or two) as opposed 365 days, we also learned that we have one of the tightest running crews in this city. Our 12 member strong company is one fierce little family. Our 2013 season title was Life, Death & Family and it could not have been more appropriate. We came up against our fair share of complications but we dealt with each of them and are now better, tighter and more solid than ever before. 

Our successful Kickstarter Campaign lead to a great fundraiser at Washington Hall where we held previews of each of our three original new works of Season 2, mingled with our Kickstarter backers, ate delicious food and raised some serious funds for the year to come. An awesome picture booth and an even awesomer kissing booth generated some quality entertainment!

In March Cedar & The Redwoods started our season off with an existential car crash. We brought our audience along for the ride as Cedar drives her Jeep from San Francisco to her sister’s funeral in Portland. Along the way she encounters some ghosts from her past, confronts the voices in her head and crashes her car along the Avenue of the Giants in The Redwood forest. She comes to grips with reality, her past and ultimately, her future while being guided by those in her life who have passed on. Expertly directed by our Executive Director Lacy Sarco and company member John Paul Sharp, our incredible cast grew from a tiny collective of four single actors into an ensemble of ten powerful characters. On the physical stage, our Set Designer Jessica Pickett and Technical Director Tony Gavilanes created a one of a kind experience that combined nature inspired mixed media fixtures, technical projection and otherworldly theatre magic. It was true theatrical poetry.

7 Deadly Birthdayscreated and directed by Lacy Sarco and I, gave us an inside look into the life and sins of Madeline Ruth Winafred MacMorran. Beginning on her seventh birthday and taking place during seven of her most influential and sinful birthdays, each scene portrayed the Deadly Sin that Maddie was committing during that time in her life. Being Catholic, the play took place in large part at a Catholic Church. Again, our incredible Set Designer Jessica Pickett outdid herself and brought the MacMorran household and parish of Saint Anthony’s to life. This show taught us that sometimes the really bad choices you make in life are when you are at you most human. Everyone sins and most of the time, it’s absolutely hilarious. This show required lightning fast costume and make-up changes, almost immediate scene changes and posed a great challenge for our stage crew. Nothing our Stage Manager and resident nun Missy King couldn’t handle! From beginning to end this production was a blasphemous blast, especially since we had such an incredible cast of talent to play with. None so much as the bartenders, who dressed as naughty nuns and cocktailed during the performances. Remember Maddie’s 21st Birthday shot? When you give your actors license to play with improv, you can almost always strike theatrical gold, especially when you are dealing with sin, religion and age.

Artsgiving 2013 went off without a hitch this year! Every year we look forward to the holidays because that means we get to celebrate our favorite holiday of the year! Artsgiving is an open mic style event that brings Seattle’s local artistic community together for one night only. We encourage everyone who comes to the event to submit and perform the art piece that makes you the happiest at that moment. Everyone is highly encouraged to get up and contribute to the nights entertainment. Every year we think it won’t get any better and each year it does! This year we saw an improvisational comedy troupe, a hula hoop burlesque routine, incredible singers, songwriters and musicians from up and down the west coast, drag routines, modern dance, a PSA from a feisty writer, poetry slams, tap dancing, conducted acapella performances, selections from our Total Family Massage Cast, there were too many performances to count! The variety was immense and the participation was overwhelming! In addition to this incredible stage show we also host a Visual Art Gallery. This year we had some truly unique submissions by local visual artists as well as a music video from our holiday musical! Stay tuned for Artsgiving 2014, this is a holiday that you will want to celebrate with us every year!


As the Artistic Director of Copious Love, I get to seek out and collaborate with local writers, research new works, stalk new talent and help create original content for the overall scheme of a season. Once in a while you come across an artist that seems too good to be true. John Paul Sharp is one of those artists. He is everything and he is everything REALLY, REALLY WELL. Actor, musician, teacher, writer, composer, student, director, human; the list goes on and on. He was crazy enough to want to join our theatrical family (he was one of the first official members of Copious Love) and he was generous enough to hand us Total Family Massage: The Musical! to produce for our Season 2 closing Musical. Thank the gods he did! What an overwhelming joy of an adventure it has been spending our holiday season with David (aka John Paul) and his beautifully dysfunctional, wacky family. Total Family Massage takes you inside the apartment of David and Marquis, newlyweds living in Seattle with their two raunchy cats. During the show we meet David’s family and explore their brilliantly relatable and hysterically disturbing family background, all during a wedding reception, a funeral wake/birthday party and Christmas Eve. The music and words that John Paul wrote for this show are some of the most heartfelt and honest pieces of theatre I have ever experienced. It was an honor to produce the world premiere of the show that brought holiday joy to our entire community!

In addition to the aforementioned season of original theatre we produced, I also held monthly Writing Group meetings and workshops at Bedlam Coffee in Belltown. This is a great chance for local writers to get together, share what we have been working on, troubleshoot with each other and get some honest work done. I plan to host these group meetings twice a month now, starting this month, all are welcome! See our calendar for details. As you can see, we love working with local playwrights! Do you have a play that you want to get produced? Want to workshop a project you have been yearning to finish? We are currently looking for new works to be workshopped and produced in our upcoming seasons, send us your play now! Send submissions and any inquiry to

Many of the small pieces we have written have become a huge driving force of our presence online: the Community page of our website. This is where our company members attend and review shows around Seattle. In Season 2 alone, we had the opportunity to review sixteen productions! It is such a wonderful way to interact with and support our local industry to share in this hope we have for a vast and vibrant Seattle artistic community. Plans include guest reviewers and new art mediums in Season 3, so get involved with the Writing Group contact us if you have any interest.

Speaking of Season 3, we will be kicking our season off in late April, with a fundraiser to help get Season 3 funded! Our theme for this next season is, “Past, Present & Future.” During our fundraiser we will have our audience vote on which of our past six productions they would most want to see us re-vamp and produce again this coming Fall, a new play which we are currently seeking from local playwrights set to open Spring of 2015 (see above call for scripts!) and finally, a member written show set for fall of 2015 entitled Codename: K.A.N.S.A.S; a post-post-apocalyptic spin on the classic tale of Oz! We are so excited!

Until then we will be keeping you updated via our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blog! We will continue to suggest excellent theatre for you to see and let you know what we are up to out in our community! We love you with all of our Copious Hearts!

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