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Copious Love is looking for a local and original show to produce in the Spring of 2015 as our second show of Season Three! We are now calling for any and all original scripts to be submitted to us for consideration from now until Sunday August 17, 2014! Send your script, including a cover letter to Copious Love with an elevator pitch of the show along with your contact information. We will make our decision and notify you, either way, by August 24, 2014. Regardless of our choice in Season Three we would love to keep any scripts we receive as we will be building seasons full of new work in the future!

If your script is selected your show will be produced by Copious Love Productions. We are very open to the concept of Writer/Director teams and are also open to workshopping any script edits that may come up during pre-production. If you are open to this please say so in your cover letter!

Come on Seattle, we know you have talent, now show us what you’ve got!

Send your Original Scripts to:

Copious Love Productions
1545 NW 57th St. #327
Seattle, WA 98107

Send your Script Submissions via email to:


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