Donations Today are Amplified in GiveBIG!

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Would you like to travel down the Rabbit Hole Copious Love style? Then it’s time to Give Big and help us bring back Alice’s Anthem! During our Season 3 Fundraiser in April our audience took part in a vote to decide which show we will bring back to open Season 3 this fall. Our audience has great taste and overwhelmingly chose Alice’s Anthem! We are insatiably excited but we are going to need all the help we can get. Our Season 3 Fundraiser was a fabulous time and we did raise money, but Alice’s Anthem needs to be big, it needs to be wild and we would like to do it in a way that is worthy of your vote!

givebig2014We’re looking to you – TODAY – to help us reach this goal. Amazingly, when you donate today on our Seattle Foundation page, each dollar you offer us is matched in part by a giant pool of funds designated for non-profits! GiveBIG is a city-wide day of giving where donations are amplified by major foundation money. Plain and simple, this is the very best time to throw us a few more bones.

DONATE NOW at (secure, quick, simple)

We produced six short films to illustrate each show over the progression of our company. It is told by the Members, Actors, and Staff of those productions and is the very best way to understand the inherent value in what we do. Please take a moment and check these out. Each is 5 minutes, so sit back and relax – or click around and find some of those wisdom nuggets toward the end 😉

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