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Copious Love Suggests: “iPlayz”

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iplayz_500x650_categoryiPlayz: Life and Death in the Digital Age

Annex Theatre – June 6-21st
Tacoma Little Theatre – June 27-28th

iPlayz, presented by Seattle Playwrights Collective, is a great social media and technology based festival packed to the brim with sincerely touching to boisterously hilarious moments. The festival focuses on how our lives are being affected by “the digital age” both positively and negatively. The evening is comprised of nine very talented playwrights, nine hysterically funny actors and three very clever directors. Each play is very relatable and intriguing.

The Seattle Playwrights Collective’s aim for this festival is to create conversations throughout their audience about the benefits or tragedies of technology and the effect on human relation.

I urge you – you who are reading this Copious Suggests right now, on your technological device, using social media whence you came upon this article – to go have a great evening watching this festival because you will laugh like crazy and more importantly, you will thoroughly enjoy your conversations afterward. Using whichever form of communication you choose.

By Missy King

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