Alice's Anthem 2014, fundraiser

#LaunchAlice – $50: Be A Little Creature in our Music Video!

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Behold! Our $50 Incentive for our #LaunchAlice campaign is a truly magical opportunity! Come be a Featured Extra in the upcoming Music Video for “Little Creatures”! Take a look at this video of the original song and dance from Alice’s Anthem 2012 to see what you can expect!

For this video we are planning to do what we do best: Plan a huge house party that would make Mad Max proud, invite our craziest and most devoted friends (YOU!) to join in the revelry and film the outcome!

You can be a part of Copious Love history as we re-imagine Mad Max’s Insatiably Incredible Tea Party for 2014! This is a party you will not want to miss and your donation will help #LaunchAlice down the rabbit hole and into the Richard Hugo House September 26th through October 11th!!


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