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“Alice’s Anthem” Cast & Crew Announcement

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AlicesAnthem_FB_coverSeptember 26th through October 11th at the Richard Hugo House on Capitol Hill

During the summer of 2012 Copious Love Productions embarked on a journey of epic theatrical proportions. We brought Alice’s Anthem to life for three weekends in Ballard. Our audiences responded in a completely fanatical way and they have continued to champion the revival of Alice since it closed two years ago. This got us to thinking, a revival show would be a lot of fun! So during our fundraiser earlier this year we opened voting up to the public and asked everyone, “which of the 6 shows we have produced previously, do you want to see us revive?” The final results overwhelmingly backed Alice’s Anthem: An Electro-Cabaret. Since then we have worked ridiculously hard to put together our ultimate dream team of actors, musicians, and crew members to ensure that this production is more insatiably incredible than you die hard Alice fans out there could have ever possibly imagined.

Take a look at all this talent we have rounded up and then help us launch Alice down the rabbit hole once again! We are offering some unique incentives for every wallet size at 

Without further interruption, here is the official cast & crew for Alice’s Anthem!


Zenobia Taylor as Alice Charlotte Chase
In the character descriptions Alice is described as “A clever, witty, and somewhat mischievous girl on the cusp of adulthood.” I hate the phrase ‘a teenager’, Alice would as well, but that is what she is. A teenager. Nearly an adult but not quite. Thing is, you would never know it. No one suspects her age throughout the play and she isn’t living the normal life of a teen, she never really gets to be one. So it seems that fate has something to do with our casting process as Zenobia came to audition for us, legitimately a 17 year old girl. One that you would never suspect. Zenobia is a actress that you will want to keep an eye on, she is ferociously talented, and she will leave you positively breathless.
Shermona Mitchell as Queen Mother
Shermona Mitchell Queen Mother is a role within this show that has changed significantly, even if you have been a die hard servant of the Queen since 2012 you will be introduced to a whole different side to Anita Chase, the Queen.  I challenge you to try not to empathize with her and I challenge you not to want to get up and tango with her yourself! “Shermona could not be more pleased to be playing with Copious Love! Originally from Kentucky, Shermona moved to Seattle to attend Cornish College of the Arts where she earned her BFA in Theater.  She has been seen locally working with Book -It Repertory Theatre, Live Girls! Theatre, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Anything Is Possible Theatre, Seattle Musical Theatre, 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival, StageRIGHT, Theater Schmeater and The Collision Project.  She can now be seen in Balagan Theatre’s Production of Urinetown!”
Olivia Lee as Charlotte olivia lee
The character of Charlotte, based on the Cheshire Cat, is a complicated task. One has to be simultaneously sweet, charming, evil, seductive, and endlessly manipulative all at once. The role also requires you to sing like a diva and move like a feline. Olivia simply walked into her audition and the decision to cast her was almost immediate. She brought all of the requirements to the table AND she is a honest to god Cher impersonator. Need I say more? I won’t, but she will… “All I’ve ever wanted to do is corrupt someone. Who better than a crazy girl with drug issues?! Makes my job as a naughty kitty cat much easier (and more fun!)”
Justin Johns as Chase justin johns
The next time we cast Justin in a show we swear he will be portraying a human! Actually, we can’t promise that. The guy is able to play animals as easily as he is humans and we can’t help but love that. Chase is our White Rabbit and he is Alice’s good conscience, alerting her to danger and looking out for her best interest. Which is to get the hell out of town and back on the right track. Justin brings the perfect balance of urgent guidance next to Olivia’s feline manipulation, you will not want to miss what they achieve together with Zenobia. “Justin is so very excited to be cast in his second Copious Love production as a furry creature.  This show is so gripping and engaging, and he can’t wait to sink his teeth into the role of Chase.  Perhaps he’ll even keep his clothes on this time, but one never knows!”
Dan Davidson as
dandavidsonSir Anthony Maxwell Patrick McPatches
or “Mad Max”
Mad Max is a role that was made for a chameleon actor. You have to be able to push boundaries and get a little nuts. Dan is truly a chameleon actor by nature, one minute he can be killing a drag number as a glitter Marge Simpson, next he’s a crazed meth dealer and the next he’s reciting poetry as sweetly as Shakespeare. “The Mad Hatter is a dream role. However, as my career has taught me- expect the unexpected. Mad Max is a re-invention I feel like the Hatter, himself would want to play! Very excited for his Journey & to help the little lady through hers! *SPaRKLeS!*”
Neil Hobson as PillarNeil Hobson
Pillar is a character that is larger than life. He is “all knowing all seeing” and more than a little psychic. He doesn’t have time for wandering adolescents and their hallucinations, but knows Alice is coming to him for answers. What could he provide her with that will enlighten and inspire personal transformation? Neil brought an unexplainable amount of energy and passion to this role the second we gave him sides at auditions, we instantly wanted to see him do more. This is a Pillar we never knew existed! “A recent transplant from England, Neil is happy to be making his Seattle debut in Copious Love’s production of Alice’s Anthem. He has studied drama in the UK and has some experience both on stage and behind the scenes. Neil enjoys reading, long walks on the beach and Thai food.”
Jake McDermott as Buddy, Gladys The Radish, Fly, Jack 1948172_10202751934150950_8382409803544438089_n
Jake McDermott is know in Seattle as a performer with The Puppet Burlesque society and Playtime Time as Gladys the Radish Attorney at law, and Gladys is making the jump to Copious Loves Alice’s Anthem! Jake Is a Model and Dancer, credits include Dancing as a Go Go Bear with Miss Honey Bucket at Bacon Strip and West Side Glory, and performing with The Anita Goodmann Experience, Amanduh “She Came from the Internet” and many appearances onstage.  Copious Love is so excited to Have Jake (and Gladys the Radish Attorney at Law) as part of Alice’s Anthem!
Joshua Moore as Hedge, Greg, Cook 
joshua mooreBeing a sassy know it all is at the core of what the characters of Hedge, Greg and the Cook are all about really. Josh does this with the expertise of a well trained shade thrower and is is a ton of fun to play with. He can out sass the best of them and he isn’t afraid to get a little weird. These are valued skills here with Copious Love and essential to Alice’s Anthem. “Josh is excited to be stepping on stage again with Copious Love Productions, This is gonna be better than snap backs and tank tops!!”
Rachel Tyrrel as Iris, LaDee racheltyrrelnewshot
Iris and LaDee are two very different characters and they were brought to life with zeal and ecstatic passion by Rachel herself in 2012. With the voice of an angel she sang her way into our hearts and then turned around and brought the house down with an incredibly infectious rap battle. Though you would never expect it, unless you really know her, this adorable, pixie like actress can rap like the best of the MCs. This is what she has to say about reprising her original role: “I expect this experience to be a bodacious trippy euphoric mind fuck. Lets get weird.” INDEED.
Katie Kuntz as Rhodie, DeeDakatiekuntz
Like Iris and LaDee, Rhodie and DeeDa are nearly polar opposites. One set of twins are beautiful comedic flowers, the other two are meth heads that live in a shanty in the middle of the woods. These characters were built like Tweedledee and Tweedledum and similarly live together in a forest, forever fighting and bickering. Fun fact, Rachel and Katie are actually roommates and are probably two of the funniest actors to watch verbally and physically spar against one another. Putting them together in these roles was a natural decision. Come watch the insanity unfold.

Lauren Anderson as Mouse, IMG_9132Buzz, Club
The chorus members in Alice’s Anthem do a lot of heavy lifting. They are shining stars of the show. They portray several different roles and back up most of the song numbers, changing characters lightening quick and making immediate choices off pure instinct. Lauren brought all of that to the table as well as a hysterical and exhausting realness to the part of Mouse. Truly, we cannot wait to get her into costume. Believe me, this is a tea party you will never want to leave. “I am super excited to be involved with this show!!! From the moment I heard about it I wanted in. It’s going to be crazy and weird and trippy and possibly a bit uncomfortable and I cannot wait!”
Britt Hobson as Laana, Louisa, Bea, Ace Britt

As stated above, this show relies on its ensemble of multi-dimensional actors. Britt is able to play cool and collected, manic and crazy all while holding down incredible harmonies. “Britt is thrilled to be a part of the cast of Alice’s Anthem and to be working with the great company known as Copious Love.  After a few years living in the desert of New Mexico, Britt decided to move back to her home town to continue her pursuit for new and interesting roles to tackle.  Looking to further herself in all aspects of performing, she can’t wait to explore this re-envisioned work with the rest of the cast and crew.”
Alicia Renee Burch as Joanie, Alicia BurchCarroll, Mos, Diamond7
Joanie is a character who just feels more at home in a place where everyone is expanding their mind and going with the flow. So I feel that this note from Alicia is appropriate: “Alicia Renee Burch has developed a serious case…of the Alice’s Anthem awesome chorus members squad! She is delighted to be a part of such a unique show, with amazingly talented cast and crew mates. Alicia’s main goal during this production is to expand, expound, and explode her talent, not only within herself, but upon the innocent and unsuspecting audience! Rawwwr!!!” Perfection.
Geoff Finney as Turk, Douglas Geoff Finney

Turk is a sad folk singer who has never left his home town and probably never will. He sings borderline beautiful and absolutely inappropriate songs to a handful of people that don’t listen. This part requires basic acoustic guitar talent and a familiarity with terrible emo music. We are unbearably proud to announce that Geoff will be reprising his hysterical and heartbreaking character for this show! We could not be more thrilled to dance along to his poetic mastery.


Brendan Mack Director & Scenic Design Brendan Mack
“Brendan Mack is more excited about this show than when he got his first dog as a child.  The dog came from a shelter and was very territorial.  Whenever. His Brother, Trevor, would feed the dog he would bark and growl and it was terrifying.  The dog also didn’t like men with Beards.  Brendan named the Dog Toby, but after about 3 weeks the dog was returned to the shelter because it was not socialized for children.  THIS PLAY IS GOING TO BE A MILLION TIMES BETTER!!!! Brendan Mack is the Artistic Director For STAGEright Productions, and is so excited to Be involved with Copious Love making some kind of Copious Right STAGE Love. And RIP Toby.” We have nothing to add. This says it all. Our director is the best. Period.

Tony Gavilanes Musical Director clpseason3_staff_tony
Tony single handedly wrote all the music and lyrics to this show and he is also leading the live band on stage. Tony is a legend. Everything he touches, everything he becomes involved with, everything caught within his orbit instantly becomes legendary. It’s just the way this guy works. I think it’s important to know that Tony is the real life Mad Max. His nickname is “The Regulator” he has his own beat and he keeps everyone on track. People are drawn to him and people just seem to fall in line behind him as he walks. He invites you to a party? YOU GO. Consider this your formal invitation. See you at the show.

John Paul Sharp Vocal Director John Paul Sharp
JP is an integral part of Copious Love and was a huge part of the original production. This time around he will be coaching our actors to utilize their vocals to the best of their ability. We are forever grateful for his never ending energy, talent and hard work. “John Paul Sharp is a singer/songwriter and performance professional who has been teaching people how to act, speak, and sing in Seattle for several years. Contact him for private lessons today!

Chelsea Chon Stage Managerchelsea chon
Chelsea came to us first as a Lighting Technician and then she was recommended for the Stage Manager position by everyone she had previously worked with that is involved in this project. You can’t get a better referral than that. So we did what we were told and asked her to manage our stage into victory. She obliged and we are absolutely joyous! We cannot wait to work with her further. Stage Managers rule.
Amy Korver Violin amy korvar
The band in our show is one of the most important elements. They are onstage for the entire show, interacting, performing and getting the audience riled up. This means our ideal musicians would be actors or performers with a lot of improv experience. Luckily Amy fit all of these requirements. We immediately wanted to put her and Missy King in a room together and we cannot wait to see them play these songs side by side!

Missy King Trumpet & French Hornclpseason3_staff_missy
Missy King offered up her amazing horn skills during our debut production of Alice in 2012 and will be joining the band once again! THANK GOD. We couldn’t imagine the stage or any production without her and we cannot wait to see her, Amy and Tony take our audience on a psychedelic evening of wonderment. “Missy King is overjoyed to play music again for Alice’s Anthem, the Electro-cabaret! She is outrageously excited to accompany this extremely talented cast with a couple brassy instruments!”
Carmen Olmedo Costume Design photo(2)
Carmen designed costumes for us in Season 2 and we had such a great time working with her that she was an obvious choice for designing Alice. Look for bravely chosen patterns, out of control prints and a variety of style choices with this show. We can guarantee you will want to walk home in at LEAST one outfit.

Saya Jean Burchfield Hair & Makeup headshot_saya       Saya Jean has been our Hair and Makeup manager for every show we have ever done. She has been keeping our actors gorgeous and well coiffed from the beginning of Copious Love and this is a show where we really get to let her go wild.  Come ready to feast your eyes on some black-light magic, hair accessories that would make RuPaul drool and the unexpected, yet inventive, use face paint. She will rock your world on and off the stage and we have no doubt you will be asking her for tips to look fabulous in no time.


Samantha “Smee” White  Choreography

Movement and dance are two important aspects of any musical show but Alice’s Anthem is a cabaret of a different breed. This calls for a free spirited movement expert that will heighten the audiences experience to a maximum level. Smee is our staff Choreographer and for good reason, she can make or teach anyone to dance. Spend five minutes in her presence and you will understand. This is our second production where we get the pleasure of working with her and we cannot wait to see what she and our cast can do together.



Kuba Bednarek Technical Assistant
Speaking of awesome tech help, Kuba first lent us a helping hand during the load out process for one of our shows in Season 2 and we are happy to have him for a full run this time! Tony and Kuba share a similar background in Tech and we are positive that he will offer us endless assistance and insight into what will surely be a unique and challenging tech process. “I am ecstatic to join such a passionate and talented crew and to help bring their amazing ideas to life from behind the scenes as Technical Assistant. After being a sound engineer in Bellingham for several years, I am super excited to step into theater and especially musical theater!”



Jim York Technical Assistant   photo
Copious Love really appreciates tech help, we love love LOVE anyone who is willing to work a light board and help out with things most of us could never fathom. Especially when we are dealing with a show that asks for quite a bit of projection, lighting tricks and stage magic. Jim will be assisting us with lights and tech and we are positive you will appreciate his work as much as we do.


Scott J. Bailey Projection & Graphic Design
Scott is responsible for our inferno of a poster and is the mastermind behind almost all of the projection you will see featured in this show. His designs will melt your mind and take your imagination on a psychedelic journey all on their own. Prepare mentally before entering this production, your mind will be bent in ways it never has!


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