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Copious Love Suggests: “Attack of the Killer Murder…of Death!!” & “School for Lies”

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attack of the killer murder of death!Attack of the Killer Murder…of Death!
Written & Directed by Wayne Rawley
Theater Schmeater
July 18 – August 16, 2014
Thursday nights are Pay What You Can at the door for remaining available seats.
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm

This week marks your final opportunity to catch Theater Schmeater’s latest treat, “Attack of the Killer Murder…of Death!!” at their new digs in Belltown. My best guy and I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying this theatrical romp on “Industry Night” last week, and have both been singing it’s praises since!

This delightfully campy whodunit was written and directed by Wayne Rawley and features some of the Seattle theatre scenes’ top talents. The cast did a great job of portraying the golden-aged stylized, over-the-top characters with telltale names like Archie Lowman, Desdemona Sunset and Kitty Curvey (played by Lantz Wagner, Lisa Branham and Alyssa Keene, respectively). We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see some familiar faces, witness an original-yet-nostalgic storyline, test our sleuthing skills and laugh. A lot. I mean…a LOT.

“Attack of the Killer Murder…of Death” runs through this Thursday, Friday and Saturday!


school-for-liesThe School for Lies
Written by David Ives
Co-Directed by Teresa Thuman and Ken Michaels
Sound Theatre Company
August 7 – 24
Performed at the Center Theatre at the Seattle Center Armory

The latest production from (“Best Theatre” Gregory-Nominated!) Sound Theatre Company, “School for Lies” is another show you’re going to want to get on your calendars. This modernized spin on Moliere’s “The Misanthrope” is an across-the-board success! The simple yet elegant set and vibrant, renaissance-punk costuming beautifully showcase the directorial and acting talents that bring David Ives’ witty, rhyming-couplet script to exuberant life.

Preview and opening weekend audiences were highly entertained and amused by the production, co-directed by Teresa Thuman and Ken Michaels. The show is so well-paced and performed that the audiences have been thoroughly engaged; carried along in this farcical gem from Philante’s (Matthew Gilbert) opening lines to Frank’s (Frank Lawler) big reveal…and all the way to the curtain call! Every line has a rhyme, every story arc wraps up neatly, and every role has it’s place – nothing is wasted or extraneous in this outrageously fun show.

A good measure of adult themes/dialog make this one not so suitable for the young ‘uns or your prudish Great Aunt Mildred, but is otherwise should have wide appeal to Seattle’s theatre-viewing audience. Check BPT (and GoldStar) for ticket deals/purchases, including PWYC opportunities.

By Mary Nelson-Brown, Copious Love Member

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