Alice's Anthem 2014, fundraiser

#LaunchAlice – $100: The VIP Adventure Pack Extravaganza!

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Alice's-Anthem_launch-alice-logoAlice’s Anthem is a show that is highly interactive, psychedelic and much different than other adaptations inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. FOR EXAMPLE:

This show comes complete with the opportunity to purchase a VIP Adventure Pack that allows you to play along with the characters during the show! Welcome to the

“Choose your own Adventure Pack!”

This incredible incentive includes….
VIP SEATING, a Post Show Backstage Tour, Priority Photos with the Cast (immediately following the show), PLUS a tote bag full of adventurous items that will allow you to experience Alice’s Anthem in FULL EFFECT. Some of the choice items will be….

  • Yellow Balloons

  • Black Light Bubbles

  • Black Light Kazoos

 Get your VIP Adventure Pack before anyone else and gain exclusive access to the whole show! #LaunchAlice


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