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Kiki Penoyer began writing Taphouse (then titled Taphouse: Subdued Excitement) in the summer of 2011 and over the course of the last three years and change, I have had the privilege of bearing witness to the play and playwright’s remarkable journey.

After several rounds of workshops, readings, rewrites, and the like- Taphouse has finally found a home and a team eager to give it the full production it so deserves. Soon to be premiered by Copious Love Production, Kiki’s Taphouse is a heart-breaking and beer-soaked retelling of Anton Chekov’s Three Sisters and will meet Seattle audiences (you and your friends) for the first time in the summer of 2015.

Thanks to my proximity to the project (I’ve directed a reading, participated in past workshops, and am married to the playwright- I promise that nepotism had nothing to do with this wildly glamorous and well-paying position), I have the exceptional opportunity of acting as Dramaturg for the project. I’m Roland. I’m introducing myself… as your… Dramalogger… Blogaturg?

Over the course of the next 7 (ish) months, I will be curating, moderating, and generating content for this blog- a dramaturgical record of the production process and an in-depth look at the world of Taphouse.

What follows will be 7(ish) months of examination and exploration, in equal parts.

We will track the process from page to stage, and reach back to past readings/workshops/frantic nights at the keyboard. We will explore Chekov’s body of work and zoom in on what makes Three Sisters such a compelling and important text for audiences today. We will drink beer and we will rejoice in the act of storytelling… and then we’ll talk more about drinking beer.

The intention behind this record is that it be a living document, the course of which will be determined by the needs of those accessing it. Please comment, please share, please engage- this is for you the audience and you the artists. We’ll serve you anything you want… so long as it’s Taphouse… and beer!

Fig 1.A - Your Dramalogger/Blogaturg, advocate of texts and content-generators alike!
Fig 1.A – Your Dramalogger/Blogaturg, advocate of texts, audiences, and content-generators alike! (and the Oxford comma)

Za vas!

– R

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