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All our voices on all our stages


As much as it breaks my heart to consider, there is still a wanton bias in our theatres against women playwrights and there is still so much to be done to ensure that all amazing and articulate voices from all walks of life (etc.) are given the chance to speak their peace.

Female playwrights still face sexism on- and off-stage. Read it (and then read this)… discuss. This is curated content and while it may be outdated- time and again we see stories being told by and for a normative group on the backs of those whose voices have yet to be truly heard in what we insist on calling our Democracy.

As an artist, as a donor, as a patron, as an audience member, as an interested party- are you doing enough to tell your unique story and to honor to unique stories of those around you?

Fight the patriarchy. Like Kiki… and me, et al.

Za vas!
– R

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