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‘Tis the season for giving and Copious Love’s annual Artsgiving is back again to set the stage for Seattle’s performing and visual artists! Artsgiving began at our Artistic Director’s dinner party as an artistic potluck. One person wanted to cook as their art, so the rest of us were left with physical and metaphysical contributions – which we lovingly called “Artsgivings.” Flash forward, this is our 4th annual FREE open-mic gathering of performers and painters, comics and sculptors, dancers and designers… and we want YOU!

Artsgiving 2014
Our most fabulous and incredible Host this year is none other that Seattle’s own drag princess “SPARKLE LEIGH,” who is sure to take this presentation to another level entirely! This year Copious Love was awarded a micro-grant from Theatre Puget Sound to expand our reach, including Artsgiving as a part of their Arts Crush program – so we called in the big guns.

Artsgiving is a FREE EXHIBITION for Seattle, by Seattle. We’re calling all artists and arts appreciators out to the Spitfire this Friday. It’s our absolute favorite holiday of the year and we sincerely hope you can join us! And use the hashtag #Artsgiving in all your posts!

SpitfireSpitfire – Restaurant and Bar
2219 4th Ave, Seattle‎, 98121
Spitfire is one of Seattle’s great venues, having become Belltown’s hub for tech, startup, and sports crowds. With an amazing food menu and drink specials specifically designed for Copious Love, it will be hard to skip out one one of their delicious offerings. On top of their expansive front area, they have an amazing private event space behind the main bar which we’re taking over for this year’s show. We are going to line the walls with as many paintings, photographs, sculptures and visual designs as we can. In the front of the space Sparkle Leigh will invite our guests up to the microphone one by one. This venue is going to be great!

Friday the 21stWe open at 7:30pm and run the show through 10:30pm. Three complete hours of open-mic awesomeness! If you are bringing any art or equipment, please feel free to arrive as early as 7:00pm – the whole Copious family will be there in our heart t-shirts. Come on up and ask us for anything you need!

It is a positive belief that every person is an artist of their own existence, which means that everyone has something to contribute to Artsgiving. In all seriousness though, we would love it if you had a performance or piece that you would like to bring and show. The event is very much like an open-mic, so you can sign up in the moment if you get the feeling, but if you absolutely know you’re going to perform then please shoot us an email to so that we can make sure to get you in. The day-of signup is a first come first served.

And to whet your whistle, here’s Miss Saigon Brown from last year at Artsgiving 2013:


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