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Vote for Copious Love!

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HI- so, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope you tried at least three new types of food and that only one of them made you sick but that you still regret nothing.

I hope you encountered some art and maybe even some great beer- as I’m typing this I’m sipping at a really bright lovely winter ale and smiling at the grey skies outside. They cannot stop me!

“Stop you from what, Dramablogger Roland?” You may ask.


As I’m sure you have heard by now the Broadway World Seattle Awards nominees have been announced and there is a lot here worth celebrating. The Copious!Family is well represented amongst the nominees as Brendan Mack (Directing, Alice’s Anthem), Dan Davidson (Acting, Picasso at the Lapin Agile– produced at/by SecondStory Repertory), Zenobia Taylor, Shermona Mitchell, and myself all stand strong in a field which includes talents at all levels of Seattle-area theatre.

Most importantly however:

Playwright Kiki Penoyer has been nominated for Person to Watch.

Her work with downSTAGEright, STAGEright, and various other fringe companies in the city and her indefatigable spirit, wit, and talent has caught her in the eye of the Broadway World Seattle deities and I, for one, could not be more excited or proud.

If you love theatre, if you love this blog, if you love Taphouse, if you haven’t seen Taphouse but cannot wait to, if you love passion, if you love sharp writing and inspiring performances, if you had her as a Stage Manager and know what it truly is to be cared for, if you love great art and artists- I heartily (and with no bias, obviously) encourage you to Vote for Kiki! Vote for Brendan Mack! Vote for the WHOLE COPIOUS FAMILY!

Great, now back to digesting.

Za vas!


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