Seeking a Director for CODENAME: KANSAS

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Are you a Director for stage or film? Do you like comics, video games, or sci-fi? Do you want to come with us into the future?

We at Copious Love have been concocting a show of epic proportions, premiering at the brand new 12th Ave Arts space on Capitol Hill on Halloween weekend 2015:


CODENAME: KANSAS Witch HunterIn the post-apocalyptic Midwest a war rages between the last human survivors and the malformed techno-mancing Witches. Witch Hunters are skilled warriors that hunt and kill super powered enemies. They are trained in the old ways of analog combat. They have no names, their entire identities exist within their personal code. CODENAME: KANSAS is the most accomplished amongst them but she soon learns there’s more to her than just her code and arms.

Transported into the far future, (the post-post-apocalypse) by a pair of time traveling red combat boots, Kansas meets Glenada, a “Good Witch” out to restore order and balance to the last human settlement, the now strange but plush continent of Antarctica. To do so, she must recover the sentient A.I. program called OZ, which has been guiding humanity through its darkest days long after Kansas’ time and is the credited architect of the last surviving continent. Kansas is sent on a mission to recover the A.I. from Glenada’s enemy, the Witch of the West. But Kansas knows when she’s being used as a pawn in someone else’s power play. Keeping her sword arm flexed and her trigger finger nice and itchy, Kansas sets off to get her ticket home and along the way finds a mystery to unravel which will show that she is far more than just the history’s greatest Witch Hunter.

Join Copious Love Productions as we present CODENAME: KANSAS in a fully immersive 3D audio visual experience using a set made entirely of digital projection and taking our audience inside the world of OZ like nothing that has been seen before in live theatre. The future holds unexpected digital environments, innovations in artificial intelligence and of course… the weaponry to defeat it.

The war against the vile techno-mancing Witches has long since been lost by the humans. The last continent capable of sustaining life is now the domain of a few with tremendous power, the people firmly under their corrupt thumbs. But one woman will rise from the past to rest the power from the Witches that would see humankind reduced to a resource. She is the greatest warrior history has ever known, her name strikes fear in the hearts of the heartless, she is…CODENAME: KANSAS…Witch Hunter.

Halloween weekend 2015, get ready for a live theater experience unlike any other, Copious Love presents, Live Grindhouse Theater! CODENAME: KANSAS

She’s come to kick ass and apply lip gloss.

She’s all out of lip gloss.


If interested, please submit your email address for complete production information and schedules and we’ll be in contact!

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