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Turning our “Taphouse” Set Design Dreams into Reality

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Hello Taphouse fans and friends!

Happy New Year! We hope that your hangovers have subsided and that you are enjoying your year so far. 2015 will be the best ever. One of the many reasons it will truly rock is that Copious Love will be producing the world premiere of Kiki Penoyer’s Taphouse! We are so excited. June will be here before we know it.


During this holiday season, our production and set design team went on a field trip to the Ballard Underground, our venue and previous home throughout Season One. Collectively we had a couple ideas in mind for our set and we wanted to ensure that these dreams could be made into a reality. I am here to tell you that, they CAN. They WILL. We are currently working on bringing you some truly incredible, interactive experiences for this production. You will visit Coleman’s Taphouse. You will be immersed in the world of these characters from the minute you walk in the door. Guaranteed, you will have a few laughs and drink some great beer.


We walked through the playing space, which was dressed up in the world of Gruesome Playground Injuries, discussed the possibilities of unique seating arrangements, and creatively collaborated with our fearless director. It was excellent. Playground’s main set piece was similar to something we were planning on constructing for Taphouse so it was incredibly easy to picture the set coming to life. The initial walk through is one of my favorite moments in the production process. Even though most of our production team knows this venue like the back of our own hands, I loved sitting quietly in the space and letting the world we are trying to create absolutely fill my brain. The seeds are being planted, the play is growing and becoming real.

This is when the fun begins. This is where the magic happens.

Stay tuned!

XOXO- Chelsea Madsen, CLP Artistic Director


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