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Things that Cady Loves : an[other] introduction!

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Dramablogger Roland here- I’ve asked Ms. Cady S. to introduce herself to you all for a number of reasons which are :

  • She is nice
  • You are nice
  • She is working with FEARLESS DIRECTOR (Jennifer K.) as assistant director/production assistant/assistant/helper/alternative eyes/hardworking a$$ kicking storyteller on TAPHOUSE! …this is great
  • I hope you had a nice New Year
    …and now, to Cady!

Cady Headshot

I love the Pacific Northwest. I love beer. I love Chekhov.
Taphouse is simply an amalgam of the finer things in life, in my opinion.

Upon my return to Seattle after graduating with my BFA in Performance at University of Idaho, I was eager to explore projects that really highlighted the personality and mood of the area I grew up in and adore. For the past two years I’ve branched out into directing and acting for short films and but have maintained my hunger for new theatre projects, keeping in touch with friends that have remained in the area with similar goals – thus my eagerness to throw my hat in the ring for the chance to work with people I know and whose work I am constantly thrilled and impressed by.

The Pacific Northwest is important and beautiful to me and is underrepresented in entertainment in general, given the rich history and diverse cultural and geographical landscape it offers. What struck me instantly about Taphouse, was not only the seamless and smart modern adaptation of Three Sisters – one of my favorite Chekhov pieces – but the sincerity of the environment and the characters who reside there. The portrait painted is immediately recognizable as the familiar friends and acquaintances I was surrounded by in my college community… and often at the local bars; the obstacles they internally and externally struggle with, the promises they make and break to themselves and the desperation each one demonstrates to accomplish ones goals.

The aftermath of college hesitancy to ‘begin life’ is very Chekhovian and resonates deeply in today’s post-recession graduates. The hurry up and wait mentality and the fear that resides in all of us to leave the security of friends who believe in you to essentially become a small fish in a big pond despite knowing that challenging oneself in the uncertain world is the only way to grow. There is a period of denial where we invent big dreams and are comforted in thinking that having them and promising them to ourselves means you’re doing something to accomplish them but all the while pretending that big life decisions are still years away. We all know Masha’s war and the dread of taking that leap and I am excited to explore this with our brave actors as assistant director and have them dive in!

I was captivated by Taphouse after the turn of the first page and am so excited to introduce our audience an immersive experience from the moment they sit down at our ‘bar’. It is my hope for those who have never been to a live production before to feel a part of a shared experience in a heightened reality we that encounter or feel every day. As for those who know and have studied Chekhov extensively, please sit back here in Seattle and appreciate this adaptation because one thing is certain – We are not going to Moscow.


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