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Copious Love Suggests: “The Music Man”

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The Music Man - seattleThe Music Man
King’s Players Theater
At Shorecrest Performing Arts Center
TICKETS through Mar 29

I have an extremely fond connection to The Music Man since it was one of the 6 VHS tapes my grandparents had when I was a kid, and clouds me with nostalgia of Grandpa Harold McNeil playing the charismatic Harold Hill. This show is inside me, I love it. I was the guy in the audience bobbing to each song because to see it in such a grand staged performance was all of the fun I could have expected.

King’s Players is running The Music Man at the beautiful Shorecrest Performing Arts Center through March 29th, and boasts an ensemble cast of 48 actors and a complete orchestra. It always blows my mind that King’s Players can do as great a job as they do with such massive productions. It’s everything you would expect from this great musical, delivering classic music and good times from start to finish.


Standout performances include the entire cast for performing the polyrhythmic syncopation of these lyrics – it’s half tongue twisters, something that I loved from childhood! Royce Napolitino as the Music Man, Harold Hill, caught a great stride and lead the wonderment of the cast and audience well. Liz Oyama as Marian, dang girl you have an amazing voice, not to understate your acting by any means. Also, Terry Boyd and Jennifer Noël Klouse played the Mayor and his indelible wife with expert characterization and superb comic timing. Ooh, and Dorothy Pierce as Marian’s mother, you cracked me up. The whole cast deserves applause for this challenging piece.

Musically, there are so many great moments. From the school board that gets transformed into a barbershop quartet, to the silly romp through the library trying to catch Marian, across all of the wonderful songs Harold Hill sings to the townspeople to elude them into his plan. The orchestra supported this show with great success and gave it a truly complete experience.


I think what I like most overall in the story of The Music Man is that, if an idea is good enough, it has a life of its own and people gravitate toward it. Even if the idea’s creator doesn’t believe in it, they too will eventually be magnetized to the truth of such a powerful concept. It’s what I believe is in the secret sauce at Copious Love and something I experienced in seeing all the wonderful performances of this show. Check it out if you can!

By Tony Gavilanes

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