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#CLPsuggests: “Into The Woods”

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into-the-woods-marqueeInto The Woods 
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Directed by Matt Giles
Music Direction by Julia Thornton
Presented by STAGEright
At Hugo House
TICKETS through April 25th

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Choosing the winner at 9:00pm, Thursday 4/16/15

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Faerie tales are my thing. Faerie tales where sometimes the witch wins because the peasants are dull-witted, where the heroine gets what she wants but pays an awful prince. On the flipside I also like fairy tales where the hero beats the dragon and everyone lives happily ever after.

Into the Woods is my perfect show. It combines the camp of happily ever after characters with the harsh reality of the original Grimm’s fairy tales.

intothewoodsshowpic2Matt Giles and Julia Thornton weave a wondrous heartwarming emotional roller coater of a journey starting with a childless Baker and his wife who make a deal with a witch and set out on a quest to procure items the witch demands so they can have a child. Along the way they meet Grimm storybook characters that are also searching for happy endings and deepest desires.

One of the reasons StageRights production of Into The Woods reigns superior is the intense focus on the characters. While most Into the Woods productions center on lavish sets and grandiose costumes that end up swallowing the characters and the plot, the minimal set dressing and airy yet whimsical attire in this production aids the movement of the story, leaving us time to fully bond with the characters as they evolve, gaining bravery, strength, and smarts.

intothewoodswitchNotable and outstanding performances include Ben Wynant as the benevolent Jack, Olivia Lee as the temptress Witch, Nik Hagen as the modest Baker, and Sophia Franzella as spunky Little Red.

This 2 ½ hour production is full of brilliant vocalists, tender moments, enchanting music, and a abundance of laughs.

Don’t you know what’s out there in the wood? I do.

Betrayal. Loyalty. Hope. Loss. Joy. Courage. Adventure.

By Rachel Tyrrel

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