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“Taphouse” Cast & Crew Announcement

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Taphouse Poster

 TAPHOUSE!                                  June 5th – June 20th, 2015 at The Ballard Underground

Have you ever taken a sip of beer, a bite of food, or listened to a piece of music and been instantly transported to another place and time? I know I have. This deja vu feeling is what we love most about Taphouse. When you arrive in Kiki Penoyer’s world and step inside Coleman’s Taphouse, you feel as though you have been coming to this place for years. You connect with these people. You already, almost vaguely, know this story. It is so eerily familiar you cannot look away. I was enthralled the second I started reading this beautiful piece and I could not put it down. I had no doubt our audiences would feel the same. Kiki sent us this script in 2014 for our play submission process we held in hopes of rounding out Season 3 with a brand new show never before produced. We love a good world premiere and we wanted to highlight an up and coming local playwright who we were exceptionally excited about. Taphouse was the script and Kiki was the playwright. We put our team together almost immediately and we knew our company would be on board with this project. Kiki has been tirelessly perfecting this show for almost three years, and since we selected it our production crew have been working on the vision for close to six months. We begin rehearsals with a fully grown script on the verge of theatrical production. Taphouse is more than ready for our actors to inhabit, ready for our designers to fine tune, and ready for our audiences to enter its world and see the story. We could not be more excited!!!

Without further adieu, here is the official Cast & Crew Announcement for Taphouse by Kiki Penoyer! 

Britt Hobson as MASHA COLLINS Britt                         There is nothing quite like getting the opportunity to bring a new work to life, and Britt is thrilled to be a part of this amazing show!  She has performed in a variety of shows and films, both in Washington and in New Mexico.  She is very lucky to have the unwavering support of her husband, her parents, and her sister, who continue to encourage her to seek out new challenges and to keep on this adventure through the world of theater. She owes her love for music to her grandpa Bunker, a performer and luthier who taught her from an early age that this vocation would be one of the most fulfilling challenges she would ever experience. As the great Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”
Karen Jo Fairbrook as NELLIE COLEMAN karen jo fairbrook headshot                                                             Karen Jo Fairbrook has been part of Seattle’s theatre community over 20 years. Teaching at Bellevue College, active with WA State Thespians, and a freelance Dialect and Audition Coach, she makes time to act as often as she can and loves working on new plays and classics alike.  Favorites: MEASURE FOR MEASURE, JULIUS CAESAR, and THE TAMING OF THE SHREW with Seattle Shakespeare Co. and Wooden O; Book-It’s BORDER SONGS; The Satori Group’s “reWILDING”; and many shows with Theater Schmeater. Copious love to Cady; to Kat for helping me find my way back ‘home;, and to Brad for showing me what ‘home’ really means.

Corinne Marie as EMMALINE CARPENTER Corinne Marie

Corinne Marie’s theatre career has spanned for more than a decade in the public eye across the globe. A graduate from Western Washington University, Corinne received training on the methods of Growtowski, Viewpoints, Suzuki, Devising, and Commedia dell’arte. Trained in modern, hip-hop, and jazz, she knows how to command the dance floor at da clubs. Her performances include: U.S.- An Exploration of the Young American Experience (WWU), The 39 Steps (Co-Director, WWU), A Chorus Line (BPA), and Costly Desires (DAC). Corinne’s passion is to utilize and share forms of theatre within every day life situations. She believes theatre gives people the freedom to explore, have courage, take risks, make mistakes, and feel EMPOWERED as creative human beings. She is thrilled to be working with Copious Love, and dedicates this performance to all those twenty-somethings lost in limbo. Live it, love it, and be lost! You’ll always have company!

Justin Johns as FELIX GRIPPE justin johns
Justin Johns is absolutely delighted to make his non-animal debut with Copious Love Productions! After playing a cat (Total Family Massage) and rabbit (Alice’s Anthem), a human may be a stretch, but he’s excited nevertheless. Justin is passionate about original art in all forms musical, dramatic, and aesthetic. He wants to thank Jen, Sparkle, and Brendan for molding his creative spirit into what it is today.
Alysha Curry as LINDZEY WASH
AlyshaCurryHeadshotAlysha is delighted to work with Copious Love for the first time! Past cherished credits include The School for Lies with Sound Theater Company, Tartuffe at SecondStory Rep and 5XTENN at Stone Soup TheatreShe studied theater at Seattle Pacific University where she is now on staff. [love to her husband, Geb.]
Michael Ramquist as HARRISON LIMONOVRamquist011
Michael was seen last summer as Brabantio in the GreenStage production of Othello. This past December he played Poe’s nemesis Johan Maeltzel in The Hours Of Life a world premiere musical by local playwright Paul Lewis. He was last seen in Theatre Machine’s production of Gorky’s The Lower Depths. Taphouse is a complex new work by the extraordinarily gifted local playwright Kiki Penoyer and Michael is honored to be a part of the production. Thanks to everyone involved with bringing this show to fruition and thank you for supporting new theater in Seattle!
Tyler Elwell
Tyler is positively thrilled to be working with Copious Love and for having the chance to make his debut into the Seattle theatre scene. This will be his first role since receiving his degree from the University of Idaho and is lucky to be a member of such a talented cast and crew. He can’t wait to be stomping around the stage as Rooster and would like to thank everyone for being the helpful, wonderful people that they are.
Neil Hobson as CLAUDE BRAHMS Neil Hobson                    Neil Hobson returns to Copious Love after having great fun playing the crazy caterpillar in Alice’s Anthem. He is happy to be playing a real man with real man feelings in Taphouse.  He is excited to be working on a brand new script, bringing audiences something they haven’t seen before. He would like to thank his wife and family for their continued support. Neil has lived in Seattle for a year now and is thankful for the opportunities he has had to perform as well as all the interesting people he has met on the way. Here’s to a great show in the making! Cheers!
Chris Trover as LIAM LINCOLN
Chris TroverChris is extremely excited to be in his first Copious Love show and to be a part of the world premiere of Taphouse, here in Seattle. He is thrilled to be working with such and incredible cast and crew in order to bring the show to life. Chris attained his BA in performing arts from Western Washington University in Bellingham and has been doing more and more work in the Seattle area, including stage and film acting. Chris has previously worked with Dog On A Roof Productions, FantasticZ, and Theater Puget Sound, among others.
Tom Stewart as ROGER WHITE lo-res-Tom_Stewart-012-Edit                      Tom Stewart is an actor, writer and playwright. Recent theatre roles include Starbuck in the Rainmaker, Otto in Starling, Iago in Black Vengeance for Ghost Light, John in Fifth of July for Theate22, Boyet for GreenStage. His latest play was produced by STAGEright, and was impressive. Tom has a book coming out in 2015, you should buy it. He was in a film called ‘Manbaby’ which he is told will be out any time now. His current project is a show about the final campaign of Bobby Kennedy. In his spare time, Tom writes short bio pieces in the third person.


Kiki Penoyer Writer Kiki Penoyer                                            Kiki is a writer and performer based out of West Seattle (Best Seattle.) Onstage, you might’ve seen her (or her alter ego, Very Mary Leigh) most recently in Sister Leigh Love Gay Proudly Presents: PlaytimeTime: BeachtimeTime: Always a Mermaid, Never a Mermas Princess Aquafina. Offstage, you might have seen her as the Literary Manager/co-producer of the Slingshot New Works Series, a subsidiary program of STAGEright Theatre that focuses on flinging new works and new artists into the world of Seattle theatre. Neither on nor offstage (or both?) you might hear her voice as Jenna Ravencraft in Nancy Drew #33, in stores this Fall. Kiki has been honored by the Kennedy Center on three occasions for her writing, once as the regional winner for the National Critics Institute’s theatre journalism and advocacy competition (2011), and twice as a national semi-finalist for the John Cauble Short Play Award for her one-act plays Yelling at Thunderclouds (2012) and Octobering (2013.) This endeavor, as always, would not be possible without the unending well of love and support from Perfect Human Being and Husband of The Year Award Winner 2014 and 2015, Roland Carette-Meyers, who is the absolute love of her life and is much more wonderful than this loser will ever deserve. HOLD THE LINE!

Jennifer Nöel Klouse Director
Jennifer Nöel Klouse is a Seattle native with over 20 years of theatre under her belt. She has studied and performed internationally in some of the most art embracing cities in the world including London, Salzburg, Vienna, Rome, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Prague and Budapest. In her spare time, she directs, teaches, writes and produces local theatre. She believes that the real art lies in the fringe, original, independent and small theatres of America, because they live outside of the boundaries and become a bastion of creativity and acceptance for those who feel they cannot connect elsewhere.

Cady Smola-Gillies Assistant Director Cady Smola                                                                    Cady Smola is ecstatic to be making her assistant directorial debut at Copious Love with Taphouse! Having been a performer in the Seattle area since childhood, she recently graduated with her BFA in Performance from the University of Idaho and has been using her skills to direct for the stage and act in films. Cady is overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented individuals from all walks of her career, brought together in Seattle with such a remarkable original piece. Immeasurable gratitude to Copious Love, her amazing friends and family for their limitless support throughout the years, and endless love to her wonderful husband Sean Gillies for being a constant source of inspiration and love in helping her to pursue her dreams!

Chelsea Chon Stage Managerchelsea chon
Chelsea Chon is super duper excited to be working with Copious Love again. She debuted both with them and in Seattle as a stage manager with their season opener, Alice’s Anthem. She has since worked on Matt & Ben with STAGEright (also as a stage manager and additionally as lighting designer), and is already booked this fall as part of Copious Love’s production team for CODENAME: KANSAS, Witch Hunter! During her free time, Chelsea likes to sew bags, eat mangos, and wear comfortable sweaters. She doesn’t have a headshot, but wishes for you to enjoy whatever has been selected to represent her face instead. 

Jessica PickettJessica Pickett Set Design 

Taphouse will be Jessica’s 4th set with Copious Love. She has been hard at work for the last few months conceptualizing, designing and gathering and is excited for the outcome. Jessica hopes you enjoy the show and your beer as much as she enjoys helping bring this show to life! 

Charlie Herzog Lighting Designer WP_20141215_002
Hello my name is Charlie Herzog, I will be doing lighting design for Taphouse. This will be my first design with Copious Love and I am very excited to be part of this amazing team! I am so pumped to see this show come together, and look forward to getting to work with all these wonderful people.

Missy King Construction Manager  clpseason3_staff_missy               Missy is thrilled to take part in yet another Copious Love production and would like to thank you Copiously for coming to be part of our show! She has been hard at work for the past fews months planning, building and scheduling with Jessica, the Set Designer. They are both super excited to see it come to life!

Kuba Bednarek Sound Design photo(1)            Kuba worked with Copious Love previously on our revamp of Alice’s Anthem this last fall and we cannot wait to work with him again. He will be designing all the auditory bliss that happens in this show and  is one of the most fun people to work with ever. He holds down the tech booth like a champ.
“I have been a sound engineer for various freelance projects as well as hundreds of concerts through out the Bellingham-Seattle area. I started volunteering with Copious love in 2014 as a technical assistant. I am excited to be continuing with tech as well as sound design for Taphouse!”

Saya Jean Burchfield Hair & Makeup  IMG_0318             “I’m a badass!” Saya Jean has been our Hair & Makeup Manager for every show we have ever done. She has been keeping our actors gorgeous and well coiffed from the beginning of Copious Love and this is a show where she can relax a little bit. But rest assured she will rock your world on and off the stage and we have no doubt you will be asking her for tips to look fabulous in no time.


Cathy Herzog Prop Design
“Hi, I’m Cathy. I do props. Come see and enjoy the show!”
Cathy will be collecting and designing all of the things that people move around on stage with their hands. Props! We are very excited to be working with her and appreciate all of the little touches of intricate detail that she will undoubtedly make on this show!

Brandy A. Beauchamp Costume Design BAB    Brandy A. Beauchamp began as a dancer at the age of two and by the old age of eleven had made her plan to escape Illinois for the West Coast and work as a costume designer . After realizing she would never be truly happy without being able to actually wear the designs she was dreaming of, she began to study acting. Brandy trained in multiple aspects of the theater with New American Theater in Illinois and has worked and taught in the Chicagoland area, Portland and now Seattle. She is beyond excited to be joining Copious Love for Taphouse!

Gavin McLean Fight Choreographer Gavin McLean            Gavin is a 2008 Cornish graduate and is currently working on several projects around the greater Seattle area. Which includes fight choreography at Lynnwood High, directing a show at Burien Actors Theater and a youtube show titled “Artist Armory”. This will be the first time Gavin has worked with Copious Love Productions and has quickly learned the valuable lesson of why they have their name. Never before has he experienced so much love from such a large supportive group of people.

RolandRoland Carette-Meyers Dramaturg Roland Carette-Meyers (BA Dramatic Literature) is a playwright and dramaturg whose life and love lie in language. In new stories told in new ways. Currently in pursuit of an MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University, Roland’s work as a playwright has been awarded by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (Regional Finalist, 2011), published by Northwest Playwrights Alliance, and produced throughout the region (by such companies as Mirum Mirum Productions, Theatre Black Dog, Plays4Us, Student Theatre Production, and the Vietnam Veterans of America). He has recently work as a theatrical historian, literary fiend, textual advocate, and context wizard (read as: dramaturg) with STAGEright Theatre (Floyd Collins and Are You There God, It’s Me Karen Carpenter). This and the whole of his work within and without the arts is dedicated, in love, to Kiki (that’s his wife, PS).

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