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A Word From Our Author On Opening Night!

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Taphouse PosterOpening Night for Taphouse is upon us! Our cast & crew are ready to delight our audience & therefore a few words from our fearless playwright are in order!

“Taphouse was actually only ever meant to be a working title. There is a taphouse up in Bellingham which remains to this day my favorite bar in the world. On some nights they would do a special where you could get a pint of craft beer and two slices of pizza for five bucks flat; as broke college kids, my friends and I spent many a night there talking about theatre and making plans for our lives, and the atmosphere of this place was so friendly and comforting that I found myself resenting having to go anywhere else.

I did a lot of writing over pints of Rogue by the pinball machine, and tagged all my notes with the word “Taphouse” in my efforts to understand what story it was that I kept feeling I was walking into when I was there.

Anton Chekhov, who has very graciously not haunted me over the liberal reworking of his material, wrote a very good and very funny play called Three Sisters, about a set of three women (sisters, I think? I don’t know, who reads?) and their various friends and family who struggle daily with mundane lives they cannot abide and the crushing fear that none of them has the strength to get out and chase what they really want. In encountering Three Sisters for the first time, I knew instantly that this was what I had been looking for all along. The decision to adapt it, to take what had resonated with me and make something new out of it, was immediate, and work began on a process that would not feel complete until pretty much this moment.

For nearly five years now, I have been writing and rewriting and piecing this story together, from bits of my real life and bits of every small town and every small town bar I have encountered on the way; the end result is ultimately a story about Home, and Family—and, obviously, Beer.  You know, the priorities in life.

Special thanks are owed to Dr Rich Brown, Mark Kuntz, and Kamarie Chapman, who first oversaw the building of this weird little boat and helped me push its first incarnation out to sea; to my family, blood and adopted (looking at you, Kaylie,) who have already been to countless readings of this thing and still keep coming to see it; to Tristan Carruthers, who never gave up on Taphouse and changed it in ways I could never have dreamed of without him; to Mac and Jack’s Brewing for being BALLERS and sponsoring my weird little dream; and to the absolute love of my life, my fearless dramaturg, Roland, who has read every single draft of this sucker since Day 1, and without him, none of this would even be possible. I’m excited to see where we go next, with this story and with many others.

Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!”

-Kiki Penoyer, Taphouse author & playwright extraordinaire

You can purchase your tickets to Taphouse HERE, it runs June 5th-20th 2015 at the Ballard Underground.

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