The Closing of Taphouse & Our Copious Heartfelt Thanks

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Closing a show is always emotional. We never want to say goodbye, rather, a brief and hopefully tear-less “see you soon!” We have a tendency, at Copious Love, to get attached quickly. To a show, to a group of people. To many, many things. It’s what we do. We get comfy, we find a groove and we create a better production that way.

Taphouse-28This show was no different. Jen, Cady and Chelsea (our directorial team of badasses) molded a (true to the script), perfect “Bar Family.” Saying goodbye, or “see you soon!” to this cast, crew, script, show…was truly difficult. We learned so much, grew so much, we have much ruminate on. Therefore, we have an IMMENSE amount to be thankful for!

Taphouse-91Thank you to the Production Crew, who have been meeting and scheming on this show since November 2014. You gave this show life and boy did it live. You are rockstars each and every one of you.Thank you to the cast, who embodied, lived its life and made it your home for two months. You exceeded all expectation. Thank you to Kiki, for trusting us to take your script into full on production. It was a leap of faith and we hope seeing Taphouse take it’s first breath on stage was everything you hoped it would be! We know this will not be its last production. We are honored that we got to it first!

Taphouse-30Thank you to the Ballard Underground for providing a perfect space for this show. The fact that we were able to build off of the existing bar was an insane dream and we could only make it come true in that space. It was brilliant. Thank you to our sponsor, Mac & Jacks Brewing, for supplying the beer for our audience to enjoy through the entire run of the show. That was something we knew we needed to have, obviously, and we truly thank you for all of your support!

Finally, thank you to YOU, our audience, without which, we would just be a bunch of people drinking beer in a theatre…which we are a lot of the time…but I digress! THANK YOU for coming to see live theatre in Seattle. Thank you for supporting new works. Thank you for supporting Copious Love and thank you for following along on this journey with us! Now we are going to cap off another successful run of shows with a nice, cold brew. We hope to see you again in October for CODENAME: KANSAS, Witch Hunter!



**For the full cast and crew list, see the Taphouse Cast and Crew announcement!


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