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#CLPsuggests: “The Tumbleweed Zephyr”

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tumbleweed_poster02The Tumbleweed Zephyr
By Maggie Lee
Directed by Amy Poisson
Presented by Pork Filled Productions
At 12th Ave Arts
August 14th through 29th

I will admit freely that I was all aboard with this production from the moment I knew that it was being produced. A new work by Maggie Lee? Yes, please. Amy Poisson at the helm? YES! It’s ABOUT TRAINS? HELL yes! Also set in New Providence? Are you kidding me?! I couldn’t wait to buy tickets. So yes, this is less of a formal review and more of a steamroll of my thoughts on the production that will hopefully get you out to Capitol Hill, into the GORGEOUS new 12th Ave Arts building and happily into a seat at this fantastic new play from Pork Filled Productions. If you love trains, beautiful costumes, sci-fi-theatre, incredible set design and NEW PLAYS…this is really a no brainer.

claire&atticusMaggie Lee’s action packed sci-fi meets steampunk show The Clockwork Professor was one of my favorite productions in 2013 and I could not wait to venture out of her fictional city of New Providence and into the wilds of the Western Territories with The Tumbleweed Zephyr. Have I mentioned this show is set on a TRAIN? A train you guys. It moves. I won’t tell you how, but it does.

IMG_3922Two brothers, Atticus and Kai, are on a journey upon the Zephyr to deliver confidential goods out west to a familiar Professor, but also on board are a couple of quirky characters that do not intend for them to reach their destination. The staff of the Zephyr try desperately to keep a lid on all of the drama and make it safely to Rumination, but people have begun talking of bandits that could rob the train at any moment…

castphotoThe characters in this show are rich, the language is compelling and the story is equally balanced with action, romance and mystery. Strong performances from the whole ensemble are supported by a fearless set design courtesy of Craig Wollam and immaculate costuming by Jocelyne Fowler. Director Amy Poisson drives the action of this show at a break neck speed and it delivers in a big way. It explores the quaint intimacy that you feel while being on a train and also the clamminess that will occur when too many people are in a single train car.

The Tumbleweed Zephyr runs through August 29th at 12th Ave Arts, do not miss out on one of the best adventures to hit the stage this summer at one of the best new theatres in town!

By Chelsea Madsen 

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