Tickets now on sale for CODENAME: KANSAS

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codename kansas meme believeCODENAME: KANSAS,
Witch Hunter!

presented by AIE Seattle
Premiers Oct. 29th, 2015
at 12th Ave Arts

Get ready for an immersive experience
unlike any other attempted, Copious Love presents a post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz live on stage, immersing audiences in a fragmented future using a digitally projected set, delivering an action experience to blow your f***ing mind. In a 3D world, she only needs two dimensions: Kick and Ass.

In the post-apocalypse, a war rages between the last human survivors and the malformed techno-mancing Witches. Witch Hunters are skilled warriors that hunt and kill these super powered enemies. They are trained in the ways of analog combat. They have no names, their entire identities exist within their personal code. CODENAME: KANSAS is the most accomplished amongst them but she soon learns there’s more to her than just her code and arms.

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