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#CLPsuggests: “Shoggoths on the Veldt”

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ShoggothsShoggoths on the Veldt
Presented by The Rogues Gallery
Written by Cameron McNary
Directed by Daniel Wood
at the INSCAPE Arts Building
November 13th – December 5th

If H.P Lovecraft, Marion Ravenwood and Sir Terry Pratchett had an orgy, Shoggoths on the Veldt written by the comically brilliant Cameron McNary, would be their child.

Our adventure begins with the death of Lord Melford Pumbleshire (Cody Smith). But never fear! He becomes the most loveable ghost EVER who ‘resets’ every so often and forgets everything that has happened to him. Upon hearing about her fiancé’s death, Lady Euphonia (Jennifer Crooks) who is the only person who can see Pumbleshire’s ghost sets out to the DEEPEST DARKEST Africa to put him to rest. Lady Euphonia is a lady of high class. She is beauty. She is grace. She will punch you in the face. (That can really be said for the entire cast of woman in this show, including Betsy.) Euphonia

Lady Euphonia begins her journey to DEEPEST DARKEST Africa with Famed Explorer Welton Mountcrag (Curtis Eastwood), whose descent into madness is nothing less than awesome, and her chipper steward Crompit (Cole Hornaday). She is forced to become traveling companions with the obnoxious Lady Phillipa (Meredith Armstrong) and what adventures they have!

There are monsters, madness, Gods, sacrifices, (at one point I’m pretty sure a Tardis sound effect), betrayal, delightful twists, and a sadistic German named Arnulf.

Journey into the DARKEST DEEPEST Africa with The Rogues Gallery’s Shoggoths on the Veldt this Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.!

by R.H. Tyrrel


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