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If I could have one wish it would probably be to do the show over again. I called in almost every favor to make Kansas become a reality, and it was beautiful.

At the end of producing CODENAME: KANSAS (for the first time), I have a feeling that we have created something that will arise again. Fancy technologies, crass characters, a world all it’s own. At the very least, one thing to look forward to is the filmed release of the show – trailer above. Whispers of more have been floating on the wind.

For now: a completely humbled thank you to our audiences, supporters and contributors. You have made the excitement real, and we owe it all to you. Stay tuned!

– Tony Gavilanes

Jennifer d’Anger Klouse

All my theater dudes: this play is like if Half Life 2, Day Z, Fall Out, Shadow Run had a giant orgy and that orgy resulted in a fully immersive, technologically advanced love child who grew up on a rifle range and impregnated L Frank Baum at a truck stop. In 3-D.


Scott J Bailey

The magic these folks are pulling off at 12th Avenue Arts for a few more weeks at least, IS EPIC. Costumes. Sets. Choreography. Fight sequences. Munchies (AMAZING 20″ characters) And lots of DIGITAL magic!!!


Amanda Needham

Absolutely awesome show!!! Highly recommend it to anyone who likes an old story with a new tech twist. Great cast and fabulous fight scenes.


Max Holley

I’m on total sensory overload right now. Congrats to Copious Love Productions. Tony Gavilanes, Lacy Gavilanes and everyone else on this innovative, fresh and important piece of theater. I feel like I just glimpsed into the future of what theater design standards will be, and it’s exciting. 


Maddy Mattimoe Noonan


It didn’t hit me until we painted over the grid. Codename Kansas 1.0 had come to a close, at least for now.

Because of this show, I learned as a performer and a combatant. The chance to work with some of the most innovative and passionate artists I know was invaluable in and of itself, but to have that coupled with the love and support of a cast and crew who would stop at nothing to make this show rock as hard as it could… it breaks my brain how astonishing this production was. My heart could burst.

I’m fucking honored as hell to know each and every one of you, and I will never be able to thank you enough.

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Kenna M. Kettrick 

I still have paint on my skin from painting the first layer of black over the big white wall at ‪#‎CodenameKANSAS‬ strike yesterday. I also still have a huge pile of feelings. This show was ridiculous, in the best possible way, and I am so happy to be part of a group of artists that threw themselves at a project with commitment and passion and optimism and hard work, a group that created something new — that felt really new, that got people in the door who don’t go to theater, that melded talents and skills and genres — basically I just adore everybody, and I’m going to miss a lot of folks and moments and everything. But! You are all delightful and talented and that means I get to continue to see your delightfully talented journeys throughout the world, and that I am terribly thrilled for. Big creepy munchie hugs to you all. Copious Love really does live up to their name. 


Dick Danielson

It’s finally starting to hit home…

Codename Kansas has finished it’s inaugural run.

There’s been so much talk about what happens next, where do we go with this material…I haven’t put much thought into what it would be like when the actors move on to different roles, when the pieces are all packed up and the lights are shut down.

I keep hearing from so many of the cast and crew that this was a transformative event. They honed new skills and grew on existing ones. The show saw some of them through tough times, giving them something to achieve when life had made them feel helpless. It always blows my mind when something can make so many different kinds of human share such similar experiences.

All I have to say is, me too you guys. Me fuckin too.

See all of our production photos and videos at

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 4.05.37 PM

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