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2016-2017 Art Imitating Life

Blue Paint by R.H. Tyrrel- Seattle Fringe Festival- Spring 2016

The Untitled Play About Art School by Seth Tankus- Fall of 2016

The Fog Machine Play by Brendan Mack – Spring 2017

The Unknown Musical – Fall of 2017THIS COULD BE YOURS!

Hello friends and lovers! Welcome to our Season 4 launch. We have recently wrapped up Season 3, bearing the theme, Past, Present & Future. During this epic season we brought you a reprise of our 2012 production of Alice’s Anthem during the fall of 2014 at the historic Richard Hugo House, we world premiered Kiki Penoyer’s Taphouse at the Ballard Underground this summer and finally, we closed our season this fall with a Copious Love/Academy of Interactive Arts extreme collaboration on CODENAME: KANSAS, Witch Hunter! at the 12th Ave Arts Center. Looking back, I can hardly believe we pulled it all off. This season has inspired growth within our company in ways we could never have thought possible and expanded our imaginations to all time heights. You can expect nothing less from Season 4.

Our theme for Season 4 is Art Imitating Life. The focus will be on personal works, passion projects, works born from typical everyday life experiences and turned completely upside down. This is a season of taking risks and dreaming bigger than we ever have before. Everyone loves a challenge, right?

The first three shows of Season 4 contain material that we have been salivating over for awhile now, and artists that we have been collaborating with for years. These are works where we immediately knew we had to be the ones to help bring them to life. It was so real. So raw. Almost like we had been there before, sat in that classroom, met those characters. We could see these characters on stage already. We love those shows and we love to play with those kinds of characters. This is a season we have been looking forward to for a long time. We can’t wait to bring you into these scenes. We are already beginning to build these worlds. The fourth show of our season however…is all up to YOU. More info on that below!

For now, let’s meet our first three playwrights of Season 4!

BluePaint-FB_coverBlue Paint by R.H. Tyrrel– Seattle Fringe Festival- Spring 2016

“Opposites attract. That’s science. Relationships take work. That’s life. Maggie is all heart and Thomas is all brain. We look in on this odd yet appropriately matched couple during two different stages of their relationship as they try to teach each other how to grow. But are they growing apart in the process? Blue Paint asks its audience what does love look, feel, and sound like to you?”

Rachel (R.H.) is not only an incredibly talented writer and actress, she is currently our Associate Artistic Director and a Staff Member Extraordinaire. We have been huge fans of hers since working with her on the first run of Alice’s Anthem in 2012 and we have frequently worked with her ever since. At one of the very first Writing Group meetings she attended she mentioned that she had a short play she had written that might be good for festivals. I read it and adored it. It is relatable, funny, touching and authentic. Flash forward to last year when we were asked to submit something to the Seattle Fringe Festival for 2016. We submitted Blue Paint in partnership with Rachel and lo and behold, it was chosen! Blue Paint will go up late February, early March at the Seattle Center Black Box theatre. More details will be released shortly!

Untitled_Play_FC_coverThe Untitled Play About Art School by Seth Tankus- Fall of 2016

“Amy Ziv is having a rough time at theater school. When she fails to show up for her thesis presentation and refuses to take medication for her depression, she is threatened with expulsion. Meanwhile, in Ancient Greece, an unseen beast named Narcissus has escaped Echo’s watchful eye and is hungry for blood. As Echo and Amy’s peers continue to betray them and bystanders are devoured, the two must decide whether school… or really, theater in general, is worth the pain. The Untitled Play About Art School is an absurdly harsh comedic exploration of friendship, elitism, and flesh-eating monsters.”

We have been itching to produce a play by Seth Tankus for a loooooooong time. If you have not heard of Seth, take notice yesterday. This is an artist that you need to watch. More than a year ago Lacy attended a reading of an early version of Art School and immediately called me when she exited the theatre, “This is the one!” She was of course, absolutely right. The first read through I did, I saw the production clearly. It spoke to me, and I fell in love with the text. It is the perfect fit for Copious Love. Bold, honest, touching, and one of the darkest, most imaginative shows I have come across in a long time. We have been anxiously waiting, almost exactly an entire year, to announce that we will be world premiering Seth Tankus’ The Untitled Play About Art School! Expect details soon, and when we give them to you, put them in your calendar immediately.

The_Fog_Machine_Play-FB_coverThe Fog Machine Play by Brendan Mack-Spring 2017

“It’s important to note that in the ever changing world we live in, the one unchanging constant is that people love theatrical fog.  No matter how bad your day is, or what life events may be pushing you around and making you feel trapped oh so trapped so unbearably trapped- you know that would all change if you were given the opportunity to run through a room full of theatrical fog.  We are changing people’s lives. And by people we mean you.  And by Lives, we mean fog.  And by you, we mean Machine.
The Fog Machine Play
Or, “Experientia de Apparatus Producens Nebula” a series of short plays written to justify the use of a fog machine that was bought in 2013.”

The Writing Group has brought us a great many projects over the years. It is a safe haven for creators of all kinds to stretch their wings and take chances among other artists that have next to zero artistic boundaries themselves. We support artistic creation. Period. We aren’t going to tell you to not create something you feel compelled to create. This has resulted in a lot of really weird and fantastic shows and projects. We are proud of all of them. Ultimately, we met Brendan Mack through the Writing Group. One day he brought us a thing about Fog Machines. It was hysterical. Every person that has participated in the theatre has a story about fog machines. If you find someone without a story about fog machines I call into question the amount of theatre this person has done. We pretty much demanded him to write more scenes and he continued to bring nothing but brilliance to our doorsteps. This is the case every time you ask Brendan to do anything ever. I knew we had to do this show with him from the very beginning. We made it official last year and Fog Machine will rock your world spring of 2017.


The Unknown Musical Fall of 2017THIS COULD BE YOURS!

We are officially taking submissions of new, unproduced musicals for our Fall of 2017 slot to close out Season 4! SEND US YOUR SCRIPTS! We want to read it! Please send any and all files to (or email for a physical mailing address) with an intro or synopsis of your show as well as an intro to yourself. We will be taking submissions from NOW until November 1st 2016. Hope to hear from you soon!

Finally, in order to kick things off in the next month or two we will be having a Season 4 Launch Party! It will be a chance to meet some of the artists we will be working with, chat about these fantastic projects and discuss the themes of this new season. Be sure to stay tuned to this blog or our social media, because details for this party (and more) are coming soon!

Cheers to 2016-2017! We love you!

~Chelsea Madsen, Artistic Director 

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