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#CLPsuggests: “(Not Your Mom’s) HMS Pinafore”

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Poster 2(Not Your Mom’s) HMS Pinafore
Presented by King’sPlayers
Directed by Jennifer Nöel Klouse
Shorecrest Performing Arts Center
February 18 – 28, 2016
Thu.- Sat. 7:30pm, Sun. 2:00pm

(Not Your Mom’s) HMS Pinafore was a fun, cheerful show and had me giggling the whole time. Director Jennifer Nöel Klouse has setup the stage as an intimate blackbox on top of the stage. So when the audience walks into the theatre they see all the ropes and pulleys backstage which makes it feel like you are entering a ship. Also, the cast and crew have managed to work in some audience interaction so you really feel as if you are part of the crew aboard the HMS Pinafore. The ensemble does a great job of supporting each other, several of them play main roles as well as being part of the ship’s crew. This double casting is very successful because it makes the ship crew seem like they are actually an acting ensemble akin to old traveling troupes or even the Mickey Mouse Club.
I was especially blown away by the pipes on Katie Castro, playing Buttercup, and Berit Johansen, playing Josephine. Both of them sang so seamlessly as if it were easy, but the audience was consistently taken aback by the power they held in each song. I was transfixed to the scene whenever they started belting out love songs or chants. I especially enjoyed Buttercup and Capt. Corcoran’s duet “Things Are Seldom What They Seem, it was fast-paced tango, and left me wanting more, and “Nevermind The Why And Wherefore” where Josephine gets a little tipsy but still manages to sing beautifully! I also appreciated Justin John’s character Dick Deadeye, this was a guy that everyone hated because of his looks, but Justin played him as a down-to-earth normal guy, which lead to some great moments. This show is also a great night out for families as it is fun for the kids but there are also some mature jokes the parents will appreciate. I thought it was an enjoyable show and hope you can make it out to support this hardworking cast and crew!!

By Lacy Gavilanes

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