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Copious Love’s World of Pure Imagination Fundraiser~ Entertainment!

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Hello Copious Lovers! By this time you should know that CLP’s annual fundraiser is upon us! Friday April 22nd at 7pm we will unveil our World of Pure Imagination to our audience and raise funds for Season 4!

First things first, do you have your golden ticket yet? Pre-Registration is live! Just click HERE .

What would a Copious Love fundraiser be without a bit of thoroughly delectable entertainment?! We are a theatre company after all. We wont give away all of our secrets but here are some details to get you excited for our big night of candy coated delicious fundraising!clpimagination

This year we will be graced with not one, but TWO hosts! Our very own resident Willy Wonka, Tony Gavilanes and sketch comedienne Caitie Auld, from local comedy group Day Job!



Both of these hysterical performers create a sense of wonder and frivolity with every word and each step! Come see what they put together for us and get ready for a night of high energy and shenanigans galore.

Can you imagine a Willy Wonka party without a costume contest? WE COULDN’T EITHER.

2dda8d42e49e168139034c1209586e86So show up in your Wonka themed finest! Dress as a character from the Wonka-verse or as your favorite candy, the possibilities are endless! We recommend watching one of the movies again for proper costume research, or breezing through the Roald Dahl classic for inspiration on your attire for the night.

Of course there will be a DJ in residence for the Dance Party Extravaganza that will cap off our night and we are thrilled to announce we will be bringing back the Copious Love Kissing Booth! ( back by popular demand!)

dancepartyusa1Our World of Pure Imagination will also feature a Candy Bar, as well as an actual bar complete with our version of the fizzy lifting drink, several interactive activities, a photo booth and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Admission is a suggested donation of $5! All supporters and lovers of theater are welcome!* Please go to for more information and HERE for pre-registration and tickets. We would love for you to be a part of this scrumdiddilyumptious way to spend an evening celebrating local arts.  

This time everyone gets a Golden Ticket! See you at the chocolate factory!

Come with me…and you’ll be….in a world of pure imagination…

*Any unattached children under the age of 12 will be given an oompa loompa and an espresso based fizzy lifting drink.

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