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#GiveBIG to Copious Love on May 3rd!

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Hello Copious Lover of Seattle!

It’s no surprise that we LOVE our town. It’s also no surprise that we love non-profits and the people who dedicate their lives to working within these amazing organizations. Which is exactly why we LOVE GIVEBIG!

Although our annual fundraiser on April 22nd was successful (and a TON of fun!), we got only halfway to our total Spring fundraising goal of $10,000. GiveBIG is a PERFECT chance for us to get to 100%! Our total amount raised on May 3rd will be stretched by the generous organizations over at the Seattle Foundation. Funds raised on Tuesday May 3rd will go directly toward our continued mission of producing local new works and showcasing the incredible talent in our own backyard! Click here to set up your donation!

We love our audiences and thank you continually for making all of this possible. No theatre company would be complete without their dedicated fans and audience. To celebrate, we thought we would take you down memory lane and show you how your dollars helped these new works come to LIFE!

281317_220746457968794_5243234_nSeason 1 started with The Way I See It, and world premiered at the Ballard Underground July of 2011. We used mixed media to gain insight into a day in the life of four people living in Seattle in the year 1997. It was a gritty, angst ridden start but that fit perfectly for our budding company.

Sweet & Decent/Dark & Twisty followed quickly after and was 393974_297913010252138_471306672_nour very first, truly immersive experience. The audience members got tickets in the form of invitations to a joint bachelor/bachelorette party, were greeted at the door with flutes of champagne and the whole show took place “in the round” so everyone felt like they were guests snooping on all the drama happening at the party.

alices-anthem-version-4Alice’s Anthem closed our first season in the summer of 2012 and marked Copious Love’s first musical production! Cardboard and hot glue dominated our set construction (truly a fringe effort) but it was one of our more memorable theatrical experiences. Our production team created such a fan-base with this soundtrack and book that our audience demanded it’s comeback in 2014!

Season 2 debuted with our first dramatic piece, Cedar & The Redwoods, which took our audience on a 1457739_615786948464741_426017914_ncar ride that they will never forget. 7 Deadly Birthdays took everyone to church and through the life of Maddie MacMorran. We also aired our audience’s dirty laundry in our live confession booth every night! We closed that season with another musical by Copious Love Alumni John Paul Sharp’s Total Family Massage: The Musical! which explored the life of David, his incredibly eccentric family and his raunchy cats.

10703863_761570723886362_8120586435600722480_nLast year, Season 3 began with the revival of Alice’s Anthem version 2.0 at the Richard Hugo House. We updated the script, tweaked the music, made it darker than we ever thought possible and added 200% more black light paint. We took our audience engagement mission one step further and provided our audience with adventure packs to let them interact with Alice’s adventures through wonderland.

Our second show was brought to us from a call for scripts that wetaphousegroup had made earlier in the year. Taphouse by Kiki Penoyer world premiered at the Ballard Underground in June of 2015. We built a dive bar in the playing space and our audience had a view into a year in the lives of the characters that worked there, drank there and lived there.

Our closing show of Season 3 was a script written by our staff members Dick Phillips and Brendan Barr. It was collaboratively work-shopped with our entire staff and brought into reality with the help of the Academy of TITLESHOTInteractive Entertainment. It brought our audience completely into our world of OZ and we explored ways of bringing interactive graphics into a live stage play. It was our most successful show to date and involved
a production crew of almost 50 people! We sold out nearly every show.

This spring we kicked off Season 4 with our Associate Artistic Director, Rachel Tyrrel’s one act play Blue Paint put up at the Seattle Fringe Festival. A story that depicts a relationship between two very different people during different points in their lives and asked our audience, what is love to you?

Copious2016Season (1)The future holds more risky, exciting and game changing moves for our company. Coming up in December of this year we are world premiering Seth Tankus’s The Untitled Play About Art School at the 12th Ave Arts Center. This show is for anyone who majored in performing arts, attended art school, went to college period or who simply intended to pursue higher education. In short, its for everyone. This spring we will bring Seattle to its knees and unleash Brendan Mack’s The Fog Machine Play onto the citizens of Seattle. Attend this show at your own risk. Last but not least, do you know anyone holding onto a script for a musical? SEND THEM OUR WAY! Currently we are looking high and low for a musical that will knock your socks off to close out our season. We are open to anything that has not been produced before! Bring us your scripts Seattle!

Now that we have reminded you of all of the incredible art you helped us create and tempted you with our future adventures, help us get there! Any amount helps and you can set up your payment NOW and it will go through on the 3rd automatically. Remember, any amount made will be stretched!

Set it, forget it and #GiveBIG!

With Copious Amounts of LOVE,

Chelsea Madsen
Artistic Director

PS: also #GiveBIG to other companies around town too! Spread your love far and wide! ❤

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