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#CLPsuggests: “Puny Humans”

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13087801_10154171037209324_4780311613940425734_nPuny Humans
Presented by Annex Theatre
Written by Bret Fetzer & Keiko Green
Directed by Gavin Reub
April 22 – May 14
Thursdays – Saturdays at 7:30PM

Silhouettes of Charmander, Xena, Captain America, and more greet you at the door to set the mood for COMIC CON in Puny Humans.

Puny Humans, by Brett Fetzer and Keiko Green is the story of the persons attending comic con, two panelists, and the one stagehand (Lauryn Hochberg) who had no choice but to try and keep it all together. (Cue Arrested Development music.) 1462300657-puny_humans_real_lead

Comic Con! A place where these characters go to feel normal and welcomed but strangely, still feel isolated and lost in the crowds.

Hazel (Te Yelland), a pregnant Whovian and aspiring writer, contemplates whether or not to keep her baby. Sam (Zenaida Smith) is fighting for gender equality in the gaming world, and Sailor Moon & Darth Vader (Grace Carmack and Kevin Bordi) become involved…friendship? Something  more…? Make your way over to Annex to find out!

See Batman (Ben McFadden) and the Joker (David Rollison) fight for friendship! Watch as a mother (Heather Persinger) and her daughter  (Rachel Guyer-Mafune) struggle to communicate. Dive into a world where two movie stars (Nic Morden and Patty Bonnell) are at the con for very different reasons.

13095857_10154171037159324_1017025269114794502_nAh comic con! Where, as Gordon (Cole Hornaday) points out, comics are put in the corner, ignored, spit upon, to make way for for pop culture merchandise and the hottest new TV show/film/video game. Where the fuck are all the comics?

Ah comic con! I have a lot of feels for Puny Humans because many of the emotional conversations and arguments you see on stage are things, I, as a Giant Nerd have been fighting against my whole life. It’s so gratifying to see Sam blow up at a Kylo Ren-type-Fuckboy who thinks he is entitled to All Things Nerd. At times I wanted to stand up, fist pumping in the air and scream “YAAAAAAAAZ QUEEEN!” at the witty dialogue and highly complex story lines that interconnect with a seamless elegance that almost puts Love Actually to shame.1462322474-puny_humans_2

I also agree with Hazel that Steve Buscemi is hauntingly beautiful and no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise.

Please do yourself a favor and go see Puny Humans.

You will not be disappointed.

By R.H. Tyrrel


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