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#CLPsuggests: “10 Minutes in the Forest “

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08e20729389c6db33436f4abe31d2993_original10 Minutes in the Forest 
Presented by Casework Productions & Casey Middaugh
Music by composer David Ibbett
Performances by Lauren Bond, Katrina Hamilton, Sarah McKinley, Emily Rychlick, & Hosanna Tolman
At The Slate,  located inside the Inscape Arts Building
Through June 11th!

10 Minutes in the Forest produced by Casework Productions & Casey Middaugh is a immersive theater piece that should be experienced by everyone who loves theater, folktales, video games or anyone who is courageous of heart and yearning for adventure.

In the forest you will be met by the Firebird and if you are very unlucky (or lucky depending on how you perceive folklore), Baba Yaga.

Without ruining the piece, the set is brilliant, the actors are fantastic & each experience is different depending on the one variable in the show, you.

THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE to see 10 Minutes in the Forest at the Slate Theater located inside the Inscape Arts Building.

Hurry, it closed June 11th!

By R.H. Tyrrel

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