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#CLPsuggests: “The Fantastic Misadventures of Twisty Shakes”

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The Fantastic Misadventures of Twisty Shakes
Presented by The Libertinis
Written by Marcus Gorman
August 5th through August 20th
8:00pm at the Ballard Underground

Wow. Just wow.

This play is set in a cartoonish fantasy world that through sheer artistic commitment and thronging the fullest depths of this cast and crew’s imaginations, the audience will have no problem at all buying into from the get go. There’s tons of Led Zeppelin, high-energy dancing and some of the most eclectic collection of costumes and props I have ever seen.

The characters involved range from a flamboyant disco diva to a skitterish hedgehog. From a mermaid goddess to a proud, sooth-saying, Don Quixote-esque Scottish knight with an invisible steed. Watching Twisty Shakes is like watching the best of Saturday morning cartoons with a late night twist and did I mention very well-choreographed dancing?!

13938253_1104872766261909_2926559890374086542_oTootsie Spangles, Woody Shticks and Hattie Hellkat, along with the talented STAGEright artistic co-
director, and previous Copious Love collaborator, Kiki Penoyer, have pulled together this unbelievably talented cast that focuses on women and genderqueer artists with a full collaborative effort. This cast also noticeably features Seattle’s premier female sketch comedy power trio, Day Job. Caitie Auld, Kara O’Conner and (Copious Love alumni) Molly Tellers consist only in part of this powerhouse cast. Jackie Miedema and Marcus Gorman, recently seen in the popular Fringe Fest fan favorite, Mad Scientist Cabaret also lend their artistic contributions to this high-energy high kick fest. Natalie Copeland also plays a dynamic and conniving harpy, but just about every actor plays multiple parts beautifully. Tootsie Spangles and Fantasia Rose put together some of the most creative, flashy and fun costumes that would make even the drag artist Haus of Glitterbeast gasp for air with joy.

If you have any ability at all to go to the Ballard Underground to see the latest Libertinis comedy powder keg, then you had better seize your opportunity quickly. I was in stitches and I have no problem whatsoever suggesting that you not only see this show, but help the Libertinis sell out the reminder of their run! The show runs this Friday and Saturday (Aug 12th & 13th) and next week Friday and Saturday (Aug 19th & 20th).

By Geoff Finney
Copious Love Staff Member

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