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#CLPsuggests: “Hooded Or Being Black For Dummies”

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theatrebatteryhoodedposterHooded Or Being Black For Dummies
Presented by Theatre Battery
Written by Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm
Directed by Logan Ellis
August 25th through September 10th

Hooded Or Being Black For Dummies is a must see for everyone living in this century.

This play will make you uncomfortable. Good. Hooded Or Being Black For Dummies is a terrific platform for conversations that need to happen in all of our communities.

Hooded follows suburbanite 14-year-old prep school attendee Marquis (Anthony Simmons) and his encounters with street savvy Tru (Mic Montgomery), from Baltimore’s inner city. Tru insists that Marquis has no idea who he is as a black man and endlessly pursues Marquis to enlighten him on his blackness by writing a ‘How To’ guide. (Being Black for Dummies.)

This marvelous story written by Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm, and directed by Logan Ellis, is paced so naturally, the dialogue doesn’t seem scripted. Nothing in this play is artificial or false. All rings true to the harsh reality that is America.

Simmons and Montgomery have flawless chemistry with each together and energy that never fades. This show was perfectly cast and hosts a variety of supporting characters ranging from selfie obsessed teen girls, to sleazy teenage boys, to prejudiced cops, and Marquis’ inadvertently raciest mother.

Real Talk.

The conversations and situations in Hooded are truthful. They are real. They are hard to watch. They hurt. These are conversations that we all need to have to raise awareness and better our society.

Hooded Or Being Black For Dummies presented by Theater Battery is running from August 25 to September 10 at 8 p.m. GO. NOW.

***THIS IS A FREE SHOW*** (Donations accepted!) at Kent Station 438 Ramsay Way Suite 103, Kent, Washington, and there is plenty of free parking.

By R.H. Tyrrel

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