The Untitled Play About Art School

“The Untitled Play About Art School” Cast Announcement

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untitledplay_poster_final3The Untitled Play About Art School
by Nelle Tankus

December 1 – 21, 2016
at 12th Ave Arts in the Studio Theatre

The Story!

Copious Love Productions presents the world premiere of The Untitled Play About Art School by Nelle Tankus. Anarchy! Revenge! Flesh-eating monsters! When Amy’s failure to show up for her thesis presentation is blamed on her depression/anxiety, she is threatened with expulsion from Whetmore’s College of Performing Arts. Meanwhile, in Ancient Greece, a carnivorous beast has escaped Echo’s watchful eye and is hungry for blood. As Echo and Amy’s friends continue to betray them and bystanders are devoured, they must decide whether to give up on theater while they still can, or burn everything to the fucking ground and start over. The Untitled Play About Art School is a very harsh comedy following an unbreakable friendship that tries to find a way to heal when all hope seems lost.

The Cast!

Madison Jade Jones as AMY ANTONIA unnamed.jpg
Madison Jade Jones is a victim of the Seattle freeze and wants to be your friend. Please. After moving here from Dallas, TX she has worked with Pork Filled Productions on The Tumbleweed Zephyr and Sound Theatre Company on Hair, One Man, Two Guvnors, and Parade. She loves Copious Love for trusting her with such amazing work, her husband for supporting her selflessly, and Josh Anderson for finding her voice.



Grace Carmack as ECHO g-carmackheadshot
Grace Carmack graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2014 with a BFA in theater. She most recently performed as Lauren in Annex Theatre’s production of Puny Humans and as Cordelia in MAP Theatre’s production of The Art of Bad Men. Prior to Cornish, her training consisted of ballet, jazz, tap, modern dance, and Irish step dancing. Grace is also a playwright and a poet whose work focuses on queerness, trauma, and the various ways love manifests in our lives.

Jeremy Behrens as RHETT WHETMORE / CHIONIDES J.BehrensHeadshot.jpg
Jeremy Behrens is thrilled to be back working with Copious Love after a short theatre hiatus. Originally from Chicago, Jeremy moved to Seattle to pursue work with the Seattle Children’s Theatre as a teaching artist, and has been able to branch out to working with local schools directing school productions. He is extremely excited to work once again with Nelle’s wonderful words all under the direction of the lovely Nicol

Merri Ann Osborne as WILHELMINA ROSEMARY / GREEK CHORUS MEMBER 2 m-osborneheadshot
Merri Ann is delighted to perform in Copious Love Productions new original show ‘The Untitled Play About Art School’. She was last seen as the genetically engineered super human Khan Noonien Singh in a production of Outdoor Trek’s ‘Space Seed’, an episode from the original Star Trek TV show.  Other Seattle projects include work with Book-It Repertory Theatre and Brown Box Productions, as well as directing her first theatrical play, ‘Holden on to Family Roots‘ as part of the ‘Emboldened and Unsung Jazz Heroes of Seattle Jazz‘ project. She is also a Co-Producing Director of The Mahogany Project, an arts collaborative that produces and showcases African-American artists. ( Merri Ann has performed in Japan, the UK and the US as an actor, singer, dancer, voice over artist, improvisational actress and songwriter. Some of her favorite roles include a rapping Puritan in the musical ‘Scarlet Letter The Musical’ (Los Angeles), various roles in George C. Wolfe’s play ‘The Colored Museum’ (San Jose Stage Company, CA), singing in the parody band ‘Fun Chicken’ (Osaka, Japan) and playing ‘Audrey 2’ in the musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ (Bradford, UK). Merri Ann is humbled by being able to pursue her artistic dreams and goals. She couldn’t do it without the love and support of her husband, family and friends.

Richard Sean Glen as DONALD MAYES / GABRIEL JOY / TEIRESIAS R.SeanGlenHeadshot
This is Richard’s second time working with Copious Love Productions since last year’s CODENAME: KANSAS, Witch Hunter! In the time between he has been staying busy. He was last seen in Hooded, or Being Black for Dummies at Theatre Battery in Kent and in Arouet’s production of Caligula in Ballard.

Richard is beyond excited to tackle this new play with such a talented group of artists.

Alexei Cifrese as IRA HUXLEY III / GREEK CHORUS MEMBER 1 screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-8-27-42-pm
Alexei did not attend art school, but he did major in the humanities, and now works at a cafe. Needless to say, he finds a lot to identify with in this play.
This is Alexei’s first show after a year long hiatus, and he’s super glad to be back onstage. When not acting, you can usually catch him wandering around Cap Hill, studying languages, or serving up some purrfect coffee (sorry) at Seattle Meowtropolitan.

Samantha Routh as MARNY FAITHFUL EVELYN / GREEK CHORUS MEMBER 3 sam-head-shot
Samantha is psyched for her Copious Love debut! In the past she’s worked with Annex Theatre, Theatre Battery, Theatre Off Jackson, Eclectic Theatre, and Akropolis Performance Lab. Off stage, Samantha is a staff member at Annex Theatre, a preschool teacher, and a dedicated cat parent. Special thanks to the Tramp to her Lady- your unwavering support means the world.

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