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Sorting Our Cast Into Their Hogwarts Houses: Rick & Donald, Gabriel & Teiresias

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howarts-houses-2Here at Copious Love, we follow many fandoms. We are largely made up of enthusiastic fan girls and boys and we proudly follow the PotterVerse with feverish enthusiasm. It just so happens that there is quite a bit of Hogwarts talk in our new show, “The Untitled Play About Art School” by Nelle Tankus (tickets available NOW!) and like the books, our show takes place largely at a school. Our Directing team decided it would be appropriate to sort and house our entire cast to help with a bit of character development. It actually became a very meaningful discussion that has carried on throughout the rehearsal process and I thought our audience would enjoy what we learned. We hope this is enjoyable for both Muggles as well as our fellow Wizards and Witches.

Just so you know, Wizarding School and Art School are actually quite similar (fact!) Both require immense dedication, passion and pride in the process. Both at Whetmore’s College of Performing Arts and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, we have a group of students that end up facing the worst monster that any of us could possibly imagine while simultaneously trying to graduate on time.

In Nelle’s play, Copious Love alum/Member Richard Sean Glen plays three parts, Donald Mayes, Gabriel Joy and Teiresias. Read on to find out more about these fascinating and unique characters as well as this joy of a human being and how he himself was sorted.

R.SeanGlenHeadshotRick & Donald, Gabriel & Teiresias 

To kick these off, we went with Teiresias first, “I feel like Teiresias is a Ravenclaw…a signifier of the intellectual types is that they are primarily trying to understand. It can be perceived as taking an inactive stance from others but ultimately the activity is more internal than it is external so they may or may not develop opinions about what they are observing, learning or experiencing in the world. Teiresias is cursed to not be able to participate. He tries to tell his people what he sees coming but they wont listen to him…even when everything he tells them is about to happen, begins to happen. He is a clairvoyant that no one will listen to. ” Hmm….a clairvoyant that no one will listen to? That sounds familiar…”I love that Sybill Trelawney was also a clairvoyant, as well as a Ravencalw.” Oh there it is! Perfect.  Rick also plays Donald Mayes, a department head at Whetmore’s College, “Donald is a Slytherin. Donald may have been an Ira Huxley* himself in his own day! He is now finding himself as a head of the department and achieving the highest level that he can and he’s STILL trying to leverage for more money; trying to manipulate anyone, any way he can.”

Finally we have Gabirel Joy who is the counselor working with Amy Antonia* at Whetmore’s, who was also sorted into Ravenclaw! “Gabriel is almost on the darkest side of Ravenclaw…he is knowledgeable and he takes a lot of pride in what he knows but he is also somewhat blind to the things he does not understand.”

While his characters fall on the dark side of Ravenclaw and Slytherin, Rick himself was sorted into Gryffindor, “I will say that I feel that as I age, I do become more and more Hufflepuffian. I like to think that we all do. We get more comfy in our own skin, we don’t feel like we have to prove ourselves all the time…I did wonder about my Gryffindor sorting at the time, I was obviously aiming for it- weren’t we all! But I never really felt like I earned it. However, I did realize, as I aged…that there are different kinds of courage. I have always been unapologetically me. I’ve been sensitive my entire life and people have sometimes mistaken me for being naive or even un-masculine and there is a tendency, especially for Gryffindors, to be typically courageous but there is different kind of courage in standing by and being a rock for somebody as opposed to being an axe. So yes…I’d say I’m a Gryffin-Puff!”

Regardless of housing results, it takes a bold, brave and internally intellectual actor to take on multiple characters in a show like this, and trust me you will not want to miss Rick’s performance. Join Copious Love Productions for our first full-length production of Season 4, “The Untitled Play About Art School” by Nelle Tankus. Nelle Tankus is a trans woman playwright and performer born and raised in Seattle, and is an alumni of the Lambda Literary Emerging Writers’ Retreat.

Get your tickets for the show now (prices go up at the door!) so you don’t miss out on flesh-eating monsters, anarchy and revenge!! For tickets CLICK HERE!

Opening December 1st through the 21st at the 12th Ave Arts Center on Capitol Hill.

*Ira Huxley & Amy Antonia are other characters in “The Untitled Play About Art School”, read more about them and how they were sorted later this week!

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